1Borneo Hypermall

Today My friend Plan to eat sushi at wagamama as they give 50% off promotion until this sunday. As i was temporarily vegeterian, i manage to find vege food and eat somewhere else. Then come this idea to take picture. By the time i was taking picture, there is this one guy that is not hypermall security but wearing formal dark blue shirt warn me not to take picture. I wonder who he is to warn people like that. If in hypermall cannot take picture then what for we go there. Even i also know that there is shop that don’t wish their shop’s picture taken. Anyway all my snap just to promote this place and i did not take picture on the shop with no camera sign.. What the guy was thinking!! If i was able to take his picture i’ll post it here and let people comment on it and he’ll get fired but this is not a good thing to do.
Stop about that, continue with my photo there..Some shop around and some snap that i want to take just to learn the way to get best position for shot.

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