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Dear Future Major Leaguer or Division 1 Softball player,

By now, youâ??ve likely heard of the 5 tools that every college coach and pro scout judge a prospect on: speed, glove, arm, ability to hit for average, and hit for power.

But thereâ??s a 6th tool you may not have heard of…THE ONE YOU HAVE THE MOST CONTROL OVERâ?¦ and the one you may be investing the least amount of time developingâ?¦MENTAL POWER!

You might have the ability to hit for power, but if you lack the mental discipline to stay cool in a 2-0 count and think trying to do more is going to get you more �you really have no power at all.  Unharnessed power equals weakness.

Maybe you hit for high average, but if you lack the ability to control your emotions after a bad call in so-called big momentsâ?¦then youâ??ll continue to defeat yourself before the pitcher ever gets the chance.

You may have a 90mph fastball with movement but if you canâ??t slow your mind down enough to locate your pitches and get ahead in the count, then your fastball will continue to work against you rather than for you.  A lack of control with your pitches starts with a lack of control of your mind.

You seeâ?¦the battle really comes down to YOU vs. YOU first.  Then You vs. the Opponent. The battle must first be won in your own mind by developing the awareness of not only whatâ??s going on around youâ?¦but more importantly whatâ??s going on inside of you.  Until you learn to first win the battle between your own ears youâ??ll continue to defeat yourself.

If this is touching home at all for youâ?¦THEREâ??S GOOD NEWS!!!!

21 Hours to Mental Power is the mental strength training program that will have you playing the way you know you can by teaching you to become your own best ally rather than your own worst enemy.

There are no secrets to MENTAL POWER.  Itâ??s like any muscle in your body that must be trained and developed.  But unlike your muscles that take weeks or months to show strength gainsâ?¦your MENTAL MUSCLE will see improvements INSTANTLY!  How?  Because youâ??re greatest performances are only a thought away!  And in 21 Hours to Mental Power youâ??re just one click away!

How serious would you take your mental game if you knew it was the ONE THING that could separate you from those around you and the ONE THING that could not only get you to the highest level�but keep you there? Once the game starts 75-90% of performance is mental.  How much time are you investing in your mental game?

By investing in your mental game youâ??ll be able to:

21HMP is the step-by-step Online Mental Game Solution for you that delivers measurable results in just 21 hours! This mental power program meets you where youâ??re at and provides the blueprint to take your mental game and thusâ?¦ performanceâ?¦ to new heights every game!

Each hour in 21HMP is jam packed with the exact proven material and activities that I use with current clients that will absolutely guide you to gaining MENTAL POWER to dominate on and off the field.

For 1 hour a day over 21 straight days you will learn to prepare your mind to go to battle with more confidence than ever before to dominate the competition on and off the field.

21 Hours to Mental Power was designed this way to mimic the mental routine every athlete I work with develops to become high level performers consistently:

Kodi Medeiros, 1st Round Draft Pick 2014, Milwaukee Brewers:

â??Iâ??ve been working with Ray for about 4 months now and itâ??s been going really well. Heâ??s helped me a lot with the mental part of the game especially as Iâ??ve struggled to pitch with runners on base. Working with Ray has allowed me to execute my pitches effectively with runners on base by accepting the situation and visualizing the runners disappear from the baseline before I pitch. I want to continue to work and get better with the mental aspect of the gameâ?¦and you should too!â?

Pierce Romero, 9th Round Draft Pick 2015, Arizona Diamondbacks

â??Life and baseball can be extremely difficult and unpredictable. After working with Ray Iâ??ve been able to organize and evaluate my sport and life in an entirely new light by keeping things simple. His program and desire to teach sport psychology has allowed me to free up my worries, doubts, and fears to focus on the ‘controllable’. His techniques and knowledge are essential to anyone looking to further their development in both sport and life.”

Quintin Torres-Costa, 35th Round Draft Pick 2015, Milwaukee Brewers

â??As a pitcher the mental side of the game is just as important as arm care. During the time Ray and I have been working together my mindset on the mound has been completely changed. He has shown me multiple tools like breathing exercises, imagery techniques and reframing that helped me battle through the adversity and keep proper perspective when I got sent down to low A and was tempted to feel lost. He also helped me build effective routines to help me prepare for when it really matters. I highly recommend this program for any player ready to take their game to the next level.â?

Katie Engelbrecht, Former Division 1 Softball Player

â??I worked with Ray when I was a freshman playing softball at Boise State. At the time I was having some trouble adjusting to the college game. My confidence wasnâ??t at a real high and my offense was struggling.

Ray was our sports psychology consultant for our team and it was such a blessing. At the time, I was a freshman and it was not my best season, actually it was one of my worst, but I did not lose faith nor did I stop trying. Between personal battles, physical aches, and the most difficult adjustments I have ever had to make, Ray helped me to be mentally tougher and stronger.

The biggest help that Ray gave me was consistency. He gave me â??homeworkâ? and made me look inward and see what I can do to relax my thinkingâ?¦ realize what my strengths are rather than focus on my weaknesses. Especially in offense when you canâ??t think too much. When my softball career was cut short due to a back injury, I spiraled a bit but turned to Ray who kept me positive and helped me understand that there was moreâ?¦that it was just a new beginning…that softball was what I did â?? it wasnâ??t who I was. It was a small gesture, but when I still experience the struggle to grasp it today, I remember the positive words and hope Ray gave me.â?

What separates the players who make it from the ones who donâ??t is not physicalâ?¦itâ??s mental. Those who desire to master the right mindset beat opponents while those who leave their mental game to chance only beat themselves.

21 Hours to Mental Power will teach YOU that you have a choice in what you do with your mindâ?¦the choice of whether you will OWN your thought life or allow someone or something else to own it for you.

21HMP Schedule – Click Image To Enlarge. Image Opens In New Tab

How often have you mentally defeated yourself before the opponent ever had the chance?

After committing an error have you ever secretly thought, â??Please donâ??t hit the next one to meâ?¦â??

As a pitcher have you ever thought, â??My stuff isnâ??t feeling good in the pen already…what if I donâ??t even make it out of the first inning?â?

If youâ??ve found yourself saying any of those things to yourselfâ?¦ you are not alone!  I did it during my high school and college days and so has every other player on the planet!

Iâ??m also here to tell you thereâ??s a solution!  I may not have been able to enjoy a career of powerful thinking but Iâ??m on a mission to make sure you get introduced to the mental game and give yourself THE BEST CHANCE to make it to the Bigs!

My name is Ray Santiago III, and it was in my senior year of college that the 2010 MLB draft told me I was no longer good enough to play baseball.  It was then I started thinking about what I could have done differently.  I realized it wasnâ??t a lack of talent that held me back…it was a lack of mental power that caused me to hold myself back.

I realized for much of my career I was my toughest opponentâ?¦not the other team.  I placed so much pressure on myself to be perfect every at-bat and on every ground ball thinking it might be my only chance at a scholarship or professional contract.  I wasnâ??t taught youâ??re never as good or as bad as one performance.  Itâ??s about consistency.  And consistency starts with a consistent approach in the MIND!

Hence, my new career in Sport Psychology.  Since 2010 my mission has been to introduce professional and amateur athletes to the most important part of sport and lifeâ?¦the mental game. My career began in graduate school by volunteering as the Mental Strength Coach for a Division 1 softball team while finishing my Masterâ??s Degree in Sport Psychology. I now own and operate my own Mental Strength Training Company, Renewed Mind Performance.  In helping athletes discover the value of controlling their thought life one thought at a time I have seen athletes begin to transform their performance in as little as one session!

Iâ??ve realized most athletes (whether professional or little league) experience similar highs and lows, negative emotions, fears, and doubtsâ?¦ just on different stages.  Yet in just a few sessions Iâ??ve witnessed countless athletes go from shy and timid to bold and confident, confused and mentally cluttered to clear headed, mentally defeated to mentally determined when introduced to the mental game!  Remember, youâ??re only ever one thought away from your best performance.

Guarantee #1: Negative Thoughts Will Find You

If you think you donâ??t have negative thoughts or have never been your own worst criticâ?¦youâ??ve either not played the game long enough or are fooling yourself!   But hereâ??s the first guarantee Iâ??ll make you todayâ?¦ those negative thoughts will come knocking on your door and if you are prepared for them they CANNOT hinder you.  But if you havenâ??t prepared for themâ?¦ they will move right in and take over your mental house. I guarantee it because I experienced it myself and now work with players from little league to professional ball who used to allow those negative thoughts in but have learned strategies to close and keep the door shut on negative thinking.   You can choose to put yourself in a small category of players unaffected by the big stage.

Guarantee #2: Easy Delivery

Although the mental game canâ??t be mastered in 21 hours, this program is time efficient and designed for ease of use from Hour 1 to 21 so that you can keep the focus on strengthening your mind rather than frustrating it. Just click and get to work.

Guarantee #3: Affordability

Guarantee #4: Satisfaction

If you complete 21 Hours to Mental Power start to finish (recordings/videos/handouts/journals) within the next 60 Days and believe in your heart that this program did NOT help increase your mental power so that you can play to the best of your ability consistently, I will personally do everything in my power to make it right.  You can contact me directly at [email protected]

Guarantee #5: This Program Is NOT For Everyone

Over the course of 1 hour for 21 straight days youâ??ll be asked to consider the way youâ??ve thought about yourself and your performance.  Many will quit after day 2 when they have to look themselves in the eye in a mirror and ask what they truly see.  Yet those who want it the most will be willing to get comfortable being uncomfortable and do what others wonâ??t do to get what others wish they had.   So before investing in yourself with 21HMP really ask yourself if you are willing to do whatever it takes to get from where you are to where you want to beâ?¦

Everyone gets one mind� but few ever choose to take real ownership of it so that it works for them rather than against them.   Which category will you be in�everyone or the few?

Success is not random.  Itâ??s very planned.  And thereâ??s a way that you can plan for successful performance on a consistent basis. And you are staring right at it!   Leave random performance behind and develop the mental power necessary to perform at a high level every game!

Q: â??Whatâ??s the difference between mental strength training and physical strength training?â?

#1: SEPARATION: Most serious athletes by 14 years old are physically strength training while virtually no one is doing mental strength training. Which means if you are only strengthening your body you are only doing what everyone else is doing and doing nothing to separate yourself from your competition. Advantageâ?¦TALENT. But, if you are investing in mental strength training you are doing what virtually no one else is doing or willing to do. Advantage and separationâ?¦YOU.

#2: PAYOFF TIME: The other major difference occurs in how long it takes for you to see noticeable positive change in your performance. When it comes to physical strength training you can expect to see a payoff in 6-12 weeks. When it comes to mental strength training you WILL notice a positive impact in performance IMMEDIATELY! Thatâ??s how powerful the mind is! One session on the mental game can improve your perspective and an improved perspective will absolutely maximize your ability to perform at a high level consistently.

Q: â??I am a professional baseball player. Is this program for me if itâ??s also for high school players?â?

I teach the same concepts to my professionals as I do my little leaguers with the only differences being language and experience. I work with some professional baseball players who are talented and gifted physically but had never been taught the mental game and thus started with me as amateurs in their mental game. Itâ??s not their fault that they had never been taught the mental game. At the same time, some of my little leaguers Iâ??ve worked with for years now display the mentality of a professional in the way they think internally and externally, speak to self and others, and act on and off the field.

Unlike talent, mental power is no respecter of people. You cannot know more than youâ??ve been taught or are willing to learn. If you want mental power you have to develop it. One thought at time. When it comes to mental power, everyone starts at Hour 1. Advantageâ?¦ learner.

Q: â??What if Iâ??ve never struggled in my career? Is all this mental stuff still for me?â?

Q: â??Will I really have gained mental power after just 21 hours?â?

Many athletes who take up this 21 hour challenge wonâ??t finish because (just like going to the gym) it takes time and dedication and at times will be uncomfortable. But this program will teach you to be comfortable being uncomfortable. The mental burn, just like the physical burn, is always worth the payoff!

Q: â??Can you justify the price of this product?â?

How much would you pay to learn the answers to the questions that Jack Nicklaus, perhaps the greatest golfer ever, once asked: â??How many shots would you have saved if you never lost your temper, never got down on yourself, always developed a strategy before you hit, and always played within your capabilities?â?

While most athletes start doing some real thinking after their career is overâ?¦ask yourself those questions NOW and find out the answers before you ever play another game! All the answers to those questions are right in front of youâ?¦ 21 hours away.

Remember, this is not spending money on a program. You are about to invest in your life and career. The greatest thing youâ??ll ever invest in is yourself and the best way to invest in yourself is to improve the way you think. It will not only impact the way you compete in sport but will absolutely carry over into every aspect of your life off the field. Start investing in the greatest tool youâ??ll own for the rest of your lifeâ?¦ your mind.

What if you decide that right now is not the best time for you to invest in your mental game?  Then my question will beâ?¦ â??When will be the right time?  When you career is over?â?Â  Donâ??t get left behind because another player with the same talent and abilities as you is investing in this online program right now and thinking, â??Iâ??d be crazy not to buy this!  Iâ??ll make the time!â?Â  Donâ??t get left behindâ?¦instead, be ahead of the need.

Dedicated To Your Thought Life,

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Click here to get 21 Hours To Mental Power | Just another WordPress site at discounted price while it’s still available…

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21 Hours To Mental Power | Just another WordPress site is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.