A little peek On Kota Belud

Today i look back on the pictures that i have in my hard disk and i found the pictures on my trip to kudah.

On the way to kudat I just take the longest route i could as to see something different in which I take the route to pass Kota Belud Sabah.

What I could tell about this city was, “Kota Belud a city with the background of Mount Kinabalu”. The reason I say this was, by the time I arrive near the city, I could see the Mount Kinabalu just behind the shops. I was driving by that time and unable to take the scenery. So if you went there and able to see this, you lucky and do not forget to show it too.

By the way, enjoy the pics;

Somewhere in Kota Belud
Somewhere in Kota Belud

I’ve posted this pictures in www.festivals.my and if you wish to send it to your friends, just visit the site and use the eCard.

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