A pinch of my Life

Back then when the start of my internship, I realize that I had been slowing down with my blog. Time was so limited for me as I was too tired from work and also lots of other stuff that i have to finish before the opening of the school.

There is one movie that I need to work on but the progress was really too slow. When I back frm work and start doing it, I will eventually fall asleep after nearly 30minutes working. What more shokingly, if it is on weekends, I will fall asleep nearly until 11am. That is really not my living style. One most causes that this occurs is because the lack of stamina. I guess i need to have a jog everyday to train back myself and to turn back my muscles that had become fats to my body.

Other than that, I had also develop a new hobbies,Around a month ago I learn on the fun of fishing from my friends. It is not so fun if you prefer to be in the city and hanging out in the club at night or watching tv. But if you are a type who want to test how much long you can wait the fish to bite your hook it will be so much fun.

So for the coming few years, I might start blogging about the tools that I use and places that I might go for fishing. This would have give something different for you to read in this blog.

By the way, I’ll start talking about it soon. Just wait for it to come.

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