Air Asia Promotion

At last here it comes again.. 1,000,000 free seats by air asia. Promotion starts from today (0000) until 31August (2359)

Booking Tips

• Best time to log on is between 3 – 7am
• Tell your friends to rotate on shifts to log on to
• Avoid weekends and public holidays and try for mid week and mid-day flights.
• If you can’t find any free seats on your desired travelling dates, we still have low fares for you to choose from. So hurry, BOOK NOW!
• Also do try other new destinations if your desired destination is not available.

Thanks to Air Asia that now i have to think back how to manage my money else i’ll be wasting money and time. I don’t have the latest Uni schedule, so maybe not travel this time. Even last May i waste my ticket going to sarawak. Just wait and see whether i travel or not.

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