Akademi Fantasia 7 wk4

This came to my shock when i heard both from sabah (zizi & Rubis) was expelled from the competition at the same night. When I look their performance from youtube, it  came to my mind “how they can get expelled with that nice voice compared to some guy which sing not so good compare to them?”

One thing for sure Sabahan will surely vote for sabahan and people that they see can sing nicely. So how does this happening? I remember the rumors on Akademi Fantasia 2 or 3 in which the most popular sabahan Loiter was at first expelled from the concert then he was back to the concert again.

Maybe there is some play inside so we just need to wait for their play.

And another thing for sure, it’s time for some spectator to see how the votes are going on in Akademi Fantasia. Time will need to change.

Enjoy the video..



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