Bad Day

Today quite a bad day, I wonder what happening, all my Website was down except for this one. Server loads too much so change to other server and my other blog site was blocked that i cannot even get a readers for other site. It’s too bad when your hosting provider tell you this problem and they are too slow in term of replying you.

What happen to me was, my websites cron job bring problems which cause excessive usage of hosting CPU and so i was transfer to other temporary server but what happen they block my websites. Then i told them few times my scripts got no problem and the only problem was the cron job. I also told them just return everything to original and i will fix the cron job. What happen is i only get reply 3 or 4 hours later. This is what they call best service. Now i still waiting for everything return to original server and then set up everything to normal.

Anyway, for what ever reason,  I just advicing those out there who open lots of website. Don’t do too much stuff that make your site heavy or install script that you can trust only or else you could cause heave loads to the server. For me i know what happening it is not script but only cron job.

Hope my other site will be up by today. 🙁

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