Bak Bak Beach Kudat

Pantai Bak Bak
Pantai Bak Bak

Bak-Bak Beach Kudat or locally known as Pantai Bak-Bak Kudat is one of the interesting place in Kudat where you can relax and feel the air from the sea. This place is beatiful but for some reason people getting less going here. It might because of the existance of Simpang Mangayau that people did not come here or maybe there is not much of a shop here plus it seems that the recreation park here had been left for quite a long time.

Anyway if by any chance you reach Kudat, I recommend you to visit Bak-Bak beach before you go to Simpang Mengayau. Simpang Mengayau is 30 minutes from City but Bak-Bak beach is 5 to 10 minutes away from the city. By visiting Bak-Bak beach first then visiting Simpang Mangayau next, you got the chance to visit both place in Kudat because you will think of spending your time later on watching Sunset in Simpang Mangayau.

If you are in a bit of a hurry and wish to go to the beach, visiting Bak Bak beach will give you the feel of being in simpang mangayau as both has the air of Kudat Sea. So you can save your time and enjoy the nature too. Then by next time you come to Kudat again, you might consider of going to Simpang Mangayau relaxing, enjoying the sunset or swimming in the blue unpolluted sea.

Hopes this information help you when you are visiting Kudat soon.

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  1. Dulu sya slalu pi Kudat.. I think in Sabah, Kudat has the best collections of beaches! one of my fav place there besides simpang mengayau would be Pantai Kelambu.. white sand…….. crystal clear sea…. and you can walk from the beach right to a nearby island.

    Ohh, shally i ald check the pub in Moloson Tambunan! wahh ramai kalau mlm lah, but kalau siang mcm lengang seja hehe. I wonder who is the owner huh?

  2. Thanks for the info about Pantai Kelambu DA.. Wanna go there again lar.. wanna see it and take nice pictures..

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