Batu Gong Tambunan

I was checking my videos in and I saw my little precious video that I never write inside here. The video that I mean Batu Gong Tambunan. Which is know locally as a stone that gives the musical sound. The batu gong itself has many different sounds and previously, there is a group of local sabah had play this batu gong and make it sound like the normal musical gong.

But too bad I was not there to take video on people who plays this musical batu gong. So, maybe in the future there will be a group of people who who will play batu gong again. It would be so interesting to hear since it was a musical stone and not the carefully crafted gong.

Batu Gong was found few years ago when I was still a little kid (maybe around 1990’s). It was found when a guy who work to clear the stone in the river using backhoe machine accidentally hit on a stone and it gives a musical sound. It create their attention and with the backhoe itself the stone was then bring to the land.

What so bad about it was (if I’m not wrong) the batu gong has become a personal properties. It was located in a place quite far from reach but still you can go there by using car (not sport car of course) and you could ask the villagers about the direction.

So enjoy the video.


For your info, I got think that there is some metal plate inside the stone which caused it to have many different sound inside.

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