4×4 BORNEO Safari

Interesting things has always been colouring the dates in Sabah, and this time it was 4×4 Borneo Safari that catch my interest. I’ve watch  4×4 Safari many times in the tv back in my primary and secondary schools. It was so fun and even my eldest brother like it and got the spirits too. He never join as he is busy with business but if there is some 4×4 safari show like 4×4 Borneo safari near his place or my hometown, he sure will go and enjoy it.

2009 4x4 Borneo Safari Map
2009 4x4 Borneo Safari Map

This time, Borneo safari will starts on 25th Oct to 1st of November 2009 and the places will be across the most difficult off road access in Borneo or specifically in Sabah. Borneo Safari had been one of the most interesting events since we are able to see lots of modified 4×4 Cars doing some off road challenge. You won’t be able to see this kind of Cars around the City so visiting the 4×4 site would be so interesting.

For most of the 4×4 Borneo Safari participant, this was an enjoying event not because of the prizes or cash money but the challenge that they will face when doing off road. For your information this was amongst the most dangerous sports in the world. Since the obstacle is unpredictable and seeing it sometimes make your heart stop beating for a while. Other than that this sports gives lots of experience to the participants also teaches them that luck is unpredictable.

So if you are interested to join the 4×4 Borneo Safari event, visit http://borneosafari.sabahtourism.com/2009/index.html for more information.

1Borneo Car Show

Was in 1Borneo on 20th October where the Sabah International Expo 2008 was held.. There also car show around so i manage to take some of the picture..

Enjou.. (Email me for Original Picture ok..)

Perodua introduces facelifted Myvi – The Star

Perodua has been introducing it’s Myvi to Malaysian and the price quite affordable for those who has income more than RM1K. Read the news below for more info. Anyway what i’m focusing here is not about the car. I was actually waiting for perodua to introduce new car using electricity. If they were to introduce Electric Myvi, it should be more enviroment friendly

Further more the price will be cheaper in term of energy that we are going to use. If Malaysia are too far behind in this electricity car technology, then when other countries started to produce electric car, Malaysia would face a big loss in this industry. Don’t you think that you are more interested in a energy saving and environment friendly car? If so, actually the others are also think the same.

Perodua introduces facelifted Myvi
Posted by: Anthony Lim

Perodua today introduced its facelifted Myvi, and the freshened up hatchback features a decent number of revisions and refinements, all of which should help to keep the quarter-million volume seller a winner.

New face - it's a meatier front.
New face - it's a meatier front.

Exterior-wise, the car gets a minor style reworking – at the front, there’s a new, beefier looking nose section courtesy of a new hood, with corresponding grille, logo and front bumper in tow.
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