Destiny Online – Legend of Golden Plume

Few weeks back, I’ve been in really stress condition since there is exam and assignments to finish following the deadline. And that is one of the reason I did not touch any of my website, because if i touch it, I’ll be doing that for days and will make me unable to do the other stuff (can do but with lack of concentration).

By the way enough about all the non related introduction, I would like to introduce to you Destiny Online – Where Legends meet Reality which is a new game in which the beta testing  started this January (if I not wrong) and open for playing quite awhile now.

It was a good game to kill your time as you are able to see some beautiful video effect also you are able to do a lot of things like creating equipments, fighting with boss, searching for rare items and lots of other interesting things. I spent some of my free time to play this game as I was really stress few weeks back.

Here is some of the screen shot that i take when playing the game.

Destiny Online World Map
Destiny Online World Map

What so fun with this game was (fun for me since I not really up to date with the game world);

  1. Master Apprentice System (Not sure if other game got this or not)
  2. Marriage System (Normal In some Game)
  3. Mining (…)
  4. Compose Equipment
  5. PK mode
  6. Quest and Scroll Quest
  7. Bot
  8. Etc etc..

Other than that, in this game they also have 3 currency system which is silver, gold and bullion. Silver is for buying normal item in the market while gold and bullion is buying the rare item.With gold and bullion, you also can buy bot to play for you.

This bot thing is a built in system that is implemented inside the game. And it is quite costly since it is using gold. But for those who like to get to higher level using some money, this would be very useful for them. Other than that, I also using bot system since there is 2 gold free given for every 2 hour online, and I have collected some for the time I’ve online doing other stuff and let the game turned on. And I realize the bot system if quite fun as i don’t need to do much to level up.

While turning the game on, I can level up and do my websites and other stuff. This is what make it quite interesting. Plus the bot outside the game will be less popular. Also lessen the hassle for people to search for bot. But if there is a free bot, it will be interesting to get too.

So if you are interested with this game, view more info at


Cyberlink PowerDirector 7 Ultra Free with License Key

Back to few days ago, I was working on a video for the Chemical Engineering Studens’ Club. Then I was searching around the web for video and photo slide show maker. And I found the Original Cyberlink PowerDirector 7 Ultra which is given for free by Cyberlink as their PowerDirector 8 is coming out.

If you are interested with this software, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to to register a new account. This is a German website so if you wish to understand the website, you need to use google translate or any translate tools. Visit this link;
  2. Fill the necessary fields especially those with * .  After all fields is filled, click on the “Registrieren” button.
  3. softwareload-registration

  4. Then they will send you a verification email. So you have to check your email after a few minutes for the verification step. After confirming, you need to login to by using the user name and password that you register before.
  5. After that, you have to visit the Cyberlink PowerDirector 7 Ultra page;
  6. Click the “Vollversion kaufen” button.
  7. If you arrives at an internediary page with login details filled in, just click on “Anmeldung” button.
  8. When you arrives at payment page, you need to select T-Pay (per Telekom Rechnung, Kreditkarte oder MicroMoney) as “Bezahlverfahren” (payment method).
  9. Then enter PCWPowerDirector as the “Gutschein-Code” (coupon code).       free-powerdirector-7
  10. Click OK then a confirmation page will be displayed which states that the “Reduzierter Preis” is now € 0,00, with “Sie sparen” of € 69,90. Click on “Weiter”
  11. Then you will be redirected to My Downloads Page (”Meine Vollversionen”). There the license key “EOQNH-UUWKM-GYZYG-RAPUT-EP2SH-VG9P4” for this free version will be displayed.
  12. Find the download link for the file and download it.  download-free-full-version-cyberlink-powerdirector-7-ultra

Accessing Linux partitions (ext2, ext3) by using Windows Vista

Here I’m going to teach on how you are going to access your Linux Partition (ext2 or ext3) from your Vista installation.

First thing to do is  download the FS-Driver.

When you finish downloading it, right click on it and Check the ‘Compatibility Mode For’ and choose Windows XP (service pack 2)

Right Click and check 'Compactibility Mode for' then select Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
Right Click and check 'Compactibility Mode for' then select Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

Run the installer

Run the installer
Run the installer

Allow it to run

Allow it to run
Allow it to run

Click next


Check ‘I Agree’

Check I agree and click next
Check I agree and click next

Check ‘Enable the large file feature’

Check 'Enable the elarge file feature'
Check 'Enable the large file feature'

Choose the letter of the drive

Select letter for your drive
Select letter for your drive



Then finish


Finally you need to restart your vista and you can view you Linux partitions in My Computer following to the drive.