Home storage unit for fish and greens

While I was searching information for my research, I came into one website which catch my interest;


It is a design and architecture website and it has the deco which will makes the fish lovers (those who like to keep fish as pet or those who want to store fish for food) really interested with it and would like to have one in their home.

Here is some of the picture from the website;

Lovely Aquarium eh!
Lovely Aquarium eh!
I would love to have Koi and Arowana in the aquarium

It’s beautiful to have this kind of aquarium or storage unit at home. I wonder where can i find this kind of aquarium in Sabah.

Fishing Live Bait: Shrimp

This is one of my selected videos from youtube which tells how to put a live bait on your hook. In this video, the live bait is a living shrimp. It teaches you how to put the shrimp on your hook and the way it does which is putting the hook on the end of the shrimp tail, the shrimp was able to be alive for quite some times and plus the shrimp will be kicking around when there is a fish near it. This living shrimp movement in the water is what will stimulate the fish to eat the hook. But in my opinion, only big fish will eat the hook at one time. Enjoy the video.


Fishing “Gerong Belang”

I was browsing youtube.com today and I found this exciting video about fishing. The person inside the video was fishing gerong belang.It was a malay name and I not sure what is the real name in english.

Hope you enjoy the fishing video.


I still searching for a new great place to fishing in sabah, so wait for my updates.

Full Moon and Easy Catch..

Guess what, I went to the same place for fishing again.. It was on the same place but on different time which is 10PM to 12AM at Yayasan Sabah bridge.

This time I bring Mika to go together with me. On that time itself there is a group of 7 – Chinese family and friends also there is few others who is fishing on the same bridge.

All of us really excited to fish on that place as for that time it is quite a clear night with the full moon shining so bright. Me myself actually don’t really know that it is quite a wonderful night.

Wonderful night I mean(Which I realize afterward), as the night is bright then the fish will be able to see the bait clearly. They will take the bait as soon as they saw it. But… It is depending on your luck whether the fish will be hooked or not.

As for my case that night, I was able to catch 4 fishes in around 30 minutes. It was not so much but believe me or not, once I throw my bait to the sea, the fish will snap it and eat it and less than 5 minutes, if I pull my bait everything is gone but only the hook left. I guess, it takes me awhile until I discover a new techniques (Invented from my experience, No Teacher eh) which I think most of the pro fisher out there know it.

This techniques is what I call trigger then pull. Trigger for what I mean here is, when you  in your relax state and not much movement, you could actually feel the fishing rod as one part of yourself. When you feel that the bait is taken you must leave it alone for a while. Count how many times the bait was bitten by the fish. And for me i take the no.1 as a fake, no.2 as an interested and the last one will be the trigger. Then when I reach to the trigger step, I gotta do either lift the end of the fishing rod a bit or directly pull the strings.

This is what I do last time, but yet it need further practice so that I know the real tricks. One thing for sure, you don’t know how big is the fish that is eating your bait so even it is so small, it is still a fish.

On that time, the fish that I was able to get is “Ikan Pisang” and fish that has a shape nearly as the shark but it is in smaller size. I don’t know it’s name so I just name it as mini shark. The size is not so big as the biggest is around 10cm long but for your information as I look on the chinese family and friends beside us, they did catch around 15cm to 20cm mini Shark. Quite jealous but its not my time to get that big yet.

Also, actually on the week before, my brother in-law did go deep sea fishing. I was invited to go and I wish I could go. But what stuck me is the day they go is the day I need to do my Final Year Project Environment Experiment. I heard,  they got quite much. And the size is of course bigger than mine. I wish I was there, but maybe next time.

Pantai Dalit Tuaran

As for Saturday this week, I planned to go fishing in Pantai Dalit Tuaran. Fishing had just become one of my hobbies and I’d be doing it for relaxing myself from the strain caused by my assignments and my work. This is quite an exciting hobby as there will be a wait and there will be a catch. But sometime, there is not even a catch.

Back to the topic, was planned earlier we went to Pantai Dalit Tuaran as early as 4 morning and we actually make it a little bit late as the fishing crew was less than expected. I move from home about 4.45am in the morning and guess what, I was working on Machine.sg website which I will talk in other post. Then I go taking the other fishing crew for today, which is Mika, Daniel and Alex (Did not take any picture of us together). We move from Sepanggar to Pantai Dalit and it takes us around 20 minutes to reach there. I guess we start fishing around 6am or earlier.

Fishing there today was quite good, the water level is good plus the morning is not too hot and the wind is blowing quite nice and refreshing. For people who are fishing here, they are expecting to catch the one side fish also there is one fish that they called ‘Ikan Pisang’. And if you are lucky enough, you might catch ‘Ikan Pari’ as well. The bait that we use in this place is small fish which we call ‘Ikan Basung’ also cuttlefish. This bait we could bought it in the wet market for around RM3 per kilo for Ikan Basung and RM2 per kilo of the cuttlefish.

one part of Pantai Dalit Tuaran

Fishing around 1 hour in the place, did not gives us any fish until then around 7am, we move to the other side of the beach which is a lot more deeper and we get our first catch there. And as expected, we did catch the one side fish. Right after the first catch, second and third catch was made on the same spot. Then after that catching had been a bit more difficult where the fish was only eating the bait but they did not take the whole bait at once.

As day went hotter, then I manage to went home around 9am. Leaving Daniel and Alex together as 2 other fishing crew come to that place. What I heard from them was, they did catch some ‘Ikan Pisang’ and they go fishing under the bridge near the fishing place as the day become more windy.

By the way, if you are interested to go fishing in this place, you can come by going to Shangri La Pantai Dalit Tuaran. Follow the road to the Shangri La and take left turn when you see the Shangri La building. after the left turn, just follow the road until you reach the gravel road and follow the gravel road until to a junction which will head to the beach. The junction is the first junction on your right. It is only 500m travel in gravel road to the junction.

After reaching the beach road, I expect you could follow the track to find the fishing place. The fishing place is a place where you could see the Gayang Bridge from far.