A success of Tears

It’s been a while that I did not check on others blog and read something interesting. What so catchy for me this time was Yvonne Foong surgery that had meet it success. For the past few months she had been working hard to raise funds for her surgery and I could said that it also had been a little success as she is able to raised as much as half of the fees she need to paid.

From the start, I can see her hard work on raising fund for herself. She got the talent in writing and she is someone who can contribute to the community. Then losing her would mean, losing some valuable writing that we might have not seen in the whole century. Maybe she is not Stephen Hawkings but then she is someone else who strive to make a good history for herself.

When I was wondering inside her blog, I get the strong thoughts on something else. Last time by the time I order the shirt from her, I’ve been suggesting her to do something like “Support Us Badge”. But then she reply me, she has been doing that before but there is some other people that had been criticize her. To think of this clearly, there is a thousand people who has a healthy body asked other people to help them by getting their badge to the readers Social Website Profile or whatsoever it is. But then when a person like Yvonne herself asked other people to do so, why should she receive some criticize from the readers?

Why would people be so naive on people that is in dire needs like her? Don’t you think that she is better than those who just waiting for other people to help? Don’t you think that she try to earn herself some money to get the surgery or medical expenses covered which is more better than those who only hope for funds by other people?

Maybe those people out there that is in same ship as her did not know how to earn some income. But then this is not their fault. Knowledge is something to be learn and experience and not something to be rejected by our clear mind. And so does she, she got the chance to learn it as a normal person even with some disability and she was able to make it to her fullest. So I’d said, the person who ever criticize her for getting a support badge is the worse person in the whole world.

I’ve been thinking, maybe people think that I’m a relatives to her. But then me and her is nothing but a blogger. I found her interesting blog when I was googling for blog. So we are not related at all. But then Inspired by her hardworks, She should be someone who we should not look down for. She is someone who we should admire for her talent with her disability.

That’s make her special to everyone. Other than Yvonne there is still some out there who is also disable and do become a bloggers. And they are so special and was someone to be admired. So it is just depends on you whether to see them in different perspective. That would be great if the lots of us is not so selfish and would be able to see them.

If you are thinking like what I think, why not spend a little of your time to read her writing.


If you know someone who is like her, just comment on and share the links in this page. Hope people will look on them as more special and not as someone to be criticize.

For God’s Love and Mercy…

Today, I wake up and visit some site to read something interesting in the blog world. Then I came to this one site – Yvonne Foong. She is a columnist in some of the local news papers and she had published her own books.

The thing that caught my mind was, she is actually fighting with the 5cm brain tumor. She will undergo a surgery to remove the tumor from her brain this 6th of may 2009 and it will be quite a painful experience to her. So in order for her to undergo this surgery, there is a sum of money in which she need our little help so that the medical expenses could be covered.

I’ve just email her after I reach home from UMS. I’m interested to buy her shirt if they are able to ship to Sabah. It would be great to have the shirt as it will be the memory of helping her out. So, if you are interested to help her, you could also join me to buy the shirt from her.

I know that now is the recession period for everyone. But it’s just amazing that She work on her own to raise fund for the surgery. She become a bloggers and keep on writing stuff for us to read. She work on to solve her financial problem which caused by the medical expenses. But for us, we have normal life. Some might be having hard life but some do have a comfortable life. We don’t face all the pain that she face. So why not we lend her a hand so that the medical expenses burden could be lowered.

If there is 60,000 good human read this post and would like to donate at least RM1, that would be enought to help her to cover the expenses. So if you are one of those who want to help, why not try to lend a hand now by buying her shirt or maybe telling your other friends about this. I guess if you are not able to buy the shirt, donate a small amount of money or circulate the news will really means a lot.

Clinic & Surgery Hilltop Nosoob

Just want to tell everyone about this clinic. I went there with my mom, nephew and brother-in-law as my mom’s finger having some problem. Where her ring finger (i call this sweet finger – yeah you know it is sweet as ring goes there when you get married.) cannot really close. Can move but when she closing all her finger, the ring finger did not touch the palm.

As we went to Clinic and Surgery Hilltop Nosoob, we meet with Dr. Amarjeet Singh [MBBS (Manipal), Fage (Man)]. He is a nice person to talk with and his service was superb, as you can ask many things related to the sickness and he will explain from A to Z with the simplest word that we can understand.

I think he is specialized with human bones (Hope you correct this when you saw my blog Dr. Amarjeet). As I can mostly his poster is about human bones. Too bad that i don’t know how to say this specifically but i just write as long as you can understand.

Back to my moms finger, this actually something that might happen to all of us. It was when you the tendons all stick together as a group and is not individually. For a normal function, the tendons must be separated, so that for example when we close our fingers, it will gives more space as it bend. But for the problem that happen, the tendon was glued together in a group causing it was hard to bend when we closing our fingers.

Imagine a tendon as a 3 flexible stick that is separated, when we compress it the stick will bend either to the left or to the right. But when we have a 3 flexible stick that was glued together, when we bend it, it just bend to one side and the energy that we need to put for this is larger compared to 3 separated stick. This was applied in tendons as there is so little space for the tendon to bend. If they are sticked together, it will be concentrated in one place, while if it was not stick together, they will use the area around the palm giving the finger to close as a normal finger.

Maybe my explanation above is not too good, but I go with this one, exercise your palm by massaging at the joints of your finger with the palm. Remember this was a good thing compared to having a small surgery which is painful or being injected with medicine.

About Dr. Amarjeet Singh clinic, it was located at Sembulan bypass. If you are from Penampang, follow the Sembulan bypass until you reach a small town, you can see 2 clinic there and his clinic is Clinic and Surgery Hilltop Nosoob.

Below are the full address;

Klinik & Surgeri Hilltop Nosoob
Dr.Amarjeet Singh
Lot 6 Ground Floor, Block A, Plaza Grand Millenium
Penampang / Donggongon New By-Pass
89500 Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: 088731088
Fax: 088731089
Email: drajeet65 [@] yahoo [ dot] com

Consultation Hours
Mon top Sat : 8am – 10pm
Lunch Hour : 12.30pm – 2pm
Sunday & Public Holiday 8am – 5pm

Some pictures taken there:

Reducing Weight

Yesterday one of my nephew is undergoing a small operation. We choose to get the service from PermaiPolyclinic as he did run from the hospital before as he afraid of the operation. But this time i was there, who is their most wicked uncle, so he manage to take the small operation curing his ear.

Anyway forget about that.. I was actaully concern about the poster there.. A bit influence by what is written so i think it is time for me to change a bit.. Before that, look at the picture below;


what written there was;

The Hidden Danger Behind an Oversized Waistline

Overweight or obesity is associated with an increased incidenceof chronic diseases. This health risk is linked to the location of excess body fat. Abdominal obesity which is the accumulation of body fat in the abdomen is the major clinical and public health issue.
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