Do and don’ts for April Fools’ Day

When I take bath today, I was thinking that i want to write something about what you can do and what you must not do on april fools’ day.

As today is the day lots of people will make jokes to their friends, family, community and companies, so why not i make some dos and don’ts so that the lot of them will be risk free.

Hope this post will be meaningful.


  1. Think the risk of your jokes
  2. joke with the people that always around you and know you
  3. Some joke about nature, animals, yourself or items would be fine
  4. Think that your joke might cause them feel bad
  5. Plan your joke properly


  1. Make a risky jokes
  2. Jokes with goverment, companies, community – some of the might not understand you and they don’t wish to understand you
  3. Joke about races, religion, brand, trademark, death joke, assaulting joke, molesting joke, gang joke – there is a lot more that you can think.
  4. Think that your joke is always good for them
  5. Joke without planning
  6. Joke when people is not in mood
  7. Fool your bos, lecturers or people higher rank than you
  8. Make public joke that might involve a lot of those that would not understand you
  9. think that april fools’ is celebrate by everyone.
  10. Jokes to your patient about their sickness or you might get sued
  11. Jokes to your customer about their loans as it was not a joke for them
  12. Jokes to your friends or family about your death as this will make them sad and you are praying for your death too
  13. Jokes to people about fire, flood, end of day, god, and much more sensitive issues as this might create havoc.
  14. Jokes about politician as you are powerless
  15. Jokes about news as you will be on news
  16. Jokes about breaking up as he/she might dump you

Talking about dos and don’ts, you can see that there is a lot of don’ts. Actually the don’ts is what make your joke so real and so fun so if you still want to do the don’ts please mind the risk and try to lower the risk as much as possible.

Remember that not everyone is celebrating the april fools, unless your government make a 1st of april as a holiday.

For the recent years, lots of people lost their jobs, lover, family and peace because of this one day and one joke that they make without thinking the risk.

Hope this help, and should i say this is a guidelines for april fool day.

1st of April 2009 – Another fool day?

Today I assume human had been celebrating april fools day 2009 times. As there is no real citation on when it start, why not i just assume that it started on the year after division(A.D) started. So human had been officially fooling other human being for 2009 times.

And again today, people around the world was playing with it. I not sure what most people will do but most likely i like to see it in youtube later on.

But for sure, just make today a normal day you jokes with your friend or family and please do not over joke as there is some consequences that might happen.



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