CIMB Scam or…?

Today as I am checking my email, I found this mail;

Fullscreen capture 272010 121220 AMwhen i read on it and as usual i will check  the direction on the link, i realize it is a scam.  it is directed to which is a php script create the possibilities of its function to obtain your information such as your CIMB clicks account.

I was wondering, is it CIMB or …? And i make conclusion that it might not be cimb even the email itself is from cimbclicks and when you click reply it will send to the same email too since the scammer nowadays can do website mail hacking or have software to be able to use nonexistent email from the bank. There is also probability that it is from the IT developers inside CIMB bank but who knows. CIMB bank is a trusted bank and I love to do banking with it, so i just create this post to tell you on this scam and to beware of it.

Hope cimb will work to find the culprits if it is their own IT developer.

Time to seek Grand Duke’s protection

Chinese New Year Is coming and there is lots of things that we need to understand and to do. While I remember I will be 23rd by  this year according to the Gregorian Calender, I suppose that I am 24th now following the lunar calendar. So I do escaped the negative incident. By the way Praying is what so important to do by Chinese New Year. It’s not always about festivals but it is about how you pray and wish at the new year eve so that you will have another 1 good year.

Enjoy the news from the star;

Sunday January 31, 2010

Time to seek Grand Duke’s protection


BATU GAJAH: The dawning of the lunar new year means that believers will once again seek protection from a deity known as the Grand Duke of Jupiter to ensure a good year ahead.

Caretaker of the century-old Kuan Tai Temple here, Chew Lam Sen, said it was common for people to request protection from the Grand Duke and to minimise bad luck.

Festive offerings: Chew showing the paper cuttings and effigies for the Chinese New Year ‘change of luck’ rituals.

Those who had previously sought protection would also have to show gratitude by making offerings to thank the Grand Duke, he said.

Another common ritual, he said, was the offerings of prayers to acquire good luck in the new year.

“Those who wish to go through the ritual has to be in the temple on certain days deemed good days according to the Chinese almanac,” said Chew, 70.

“However, we can use a paper effigy to represent them if they are unable to turn up in person.

“All that needs to be done is to write the person’s name at the back of a paper cutting and we will perform the change of luck ritual for them,” he said.

He said those born in the year of the Tiger, Monkey, Boar and Snake were deemed to have offended Tai Sui and should make offerings to him in the new year.

Those born in the year of the Horse and Dog would have to appease the “five ghosts”, he said, adding that those born in the year of the Tiger and Monkey would have to make offerings to the “sky dog”.

Chew said it was advisable for those whose age ended in the digits of three, six or nine this year to undergo the ritual to prevent negative incidents.

It’s another Church

Few days back Malaysian Communities was shocked by the bombing of Arson Church back in Peninsula Malaysia. I was around and reading some of the news but I just feel that I won’t be talking anything about it since the attack would stop there. Plus I was not in the mood of writing something on the day itself since we will be reading loads of facts and loads of craps out there talking about this incident. And today it just happen that a new attack was done on a church and this really irritating if I don’t write. You may follow this link to read more

Many would have angry, cry and feel so bad about the incident but what more, there is some entity out there is smiling as they like. And we just don’t know who cause this problem and it is not good to blame someone too. On my point of view, there is a lot of possibilities about the church attack but which one is true?

Maybe the community was hot with the topic “Usage of Allah word in Church” and that is one thing that will start us making assumption that People of Islam is the one who will attack the churches since some group of people had been working to make the word Allah theirs in which I mean only them should have the god and the others must not have it.But this is actually just one of the many possibilities that exist. So those who had been thinking that Muslim is the one that is attacking the church, please bear in mind that it is just possibilities. Some accusation by the media is not true and does there exist a proof that someone leave a massage there “I bomb this church because you use Allah in your church”? The story of the usage of Allah word in church is the cause of bombing is just something that came out from the mouth of some stupid person who had been there on the scene itself. So please do not first point your finger.

And again I would like to say, there is other possibilities but not only the usage of Allah in church. As I understand, the norm of life, If there is 2 people who had a bad relationship, there will exist the third person who try to make the relationship becoming better or even worse. So in this situation we are generally informed that Christian and Islam had not been in good relationship since the Crusades (, there is also a possibilities that another group of people do exist and they are the one who do all the bad works since they wanted to see both this religion to have another war in this peace country. And besides they had no relation with Christians and even Muslims. Maybe they just some group who like to see the 2 communities fight amongst each other or even worse, they are just a political thug who work under the great power and they do the odd job and the hero will came out soon.

But who knows what had been planned behind all this. But i believe there is a bigger plan that we would never known. Just try to think outside of the religion side of view and maybe you will get something on your nerve.

Another possibilities of the bombing was, there exist a group of people who tried to threaten the Christians or maybe their group was threatened by some of the Christians activity. Since the Christians community had been actively volunteering helping the community as one of their social involvement, I believe some underground business might get interrupted by their activities. But who knows since this just another possibilities.

For me, the possibilities is just something that bring myself out from the box of accusing the Muslims or accusing one entity. I realize this world is not a beautiful as in the book and human is not so good too. I make myself understand, whoever the person who is pulling all the string behind they are not better than Devil itself. Even if it is Imam, Monk, or Religion Leader or even they are some politician, if they are the one pulling string behind they are worse like the devil. So whoever it was and for whatever reason they are doing it, I believe and will always believe the person have done the biggest sin that they won’t be forgiven for the rest of their life. In other words, they already book a room in Hell since Heaven is just too expensive to rent.

So if the bomber is really are one from the Muslim community, and they do that for winning the usage of Allah, then I also believe that the god you pray will never  forgive you as you already have the wrong meaning of Jihad or so on. If the person who do this is a politician who had been threatened with the 1Malaysia motto, then you are the worse politician that we don’t wish to have in leading us. Or if the person who want to make 1Malaysia become more famous, then we have chosen the wrong leader.

Whats more, just follow what the government motto 1Malaysia, so this means any religion can use Allah too. So nice my religion did not use that. And what I had been yearn for was Hari Raya 1 week holiday, christmas must add 6 more days to their holidays, Chinese New Year add 5 more days and Deepavali too add 6 more days. That is 1 Malaysia spirit.

2012 Movie and the end of the world

Back then after the exam ends, the Movie 2012 came out to the cinema. Hearing good review from friends and some criticism, I manage to go watch it myself with my girlfriend.

The movie is so nice that it give us a little picture about the end of the world. But the movie is talking all about the scientific facts and not about the spiritual (which covers the religion and the tradition) facts of the end of the world. And one great flaw is no holy book in this world has ever write when is the end of the world.

Scientifically speaking, the movie itself tell us, how our (human) technology is so powerful in detecting the changes that happen inside our earth. I believe that is true since the advancement of human  technology in the past decades. Also in the movie, we are able to simulate all what is happening for example the tsunami or even the changes on the earth surface, but in reality, some of the formula to do all this is not even exist and i believe there exist no accurate software that could simulate all the occurrences. By the way it is just a movie and it was created from the imagination of it’s creator.

So to this moment, I was thinking, even it is only a movie, how great impact does it gives to other people who don’t even read holy books or who don’t even know much about the occurrence  of the end of the world. I’m not saying that I am a ‘Know it all’ person, but sharing some of my knowledge on this is rather something that will at least get you believe the movie as a whole.

For your information, the 2012 movie has describe almost all the scientific information about the end of the world. This is based on the ideas and assumptions on what will happen when the sun is in the furthest location from the earth which will cause the earth itself to lost the gravity force from the sun. Plus, it also tells the important assumptions from the Mayan Calendar and lots of other calendar such as I Ching and some other assumptions that has yet to be known by me. By the way, for me this is all just a scientific assumption, in which there is a chances that this assumptions is wrong where it will either happen later or earlier as what predicted. But still even it is wrong, the end of world is always there waiting for us.

By the way, the holy book (bible, Quran)  has never stated when is the end of the world. They had never specifically write what date will it be as but it was written there that the end of world is near when the  sign came. And what is the sign? From some readings and hearings, a few sign will occur as the end of world is near;

  1. Human is getting more greedy where corruption is everywhere
  2. Israel owns a land or a country to reside in
  3. Ratio of Girls is more than boys
  4. Existence of Dajjal
  5. Jesus Chirst a.k.a Phrophet Isa came to the world to fight Dajjal
  6. etc etc..

From my readings few years back, there is no one who will survive from the end of the world. We will all been send to sleep or death and our soul will all raise together to the field named as Makassar Land (in Quran) and there is where the judgement is given for us in which this part means the selection of who will be living in heaven and in hell.

And that is my little knowledge on he end of world as what written in Bible and Quran. But yet this is a lifetime learning and still lots of other thing I will need to learn.

Just for your information, none of the facts by the Bible and Quran is inside the 2012 movie, so my advice to those who don’t really know what the end of world really was, don’t take this movie seriously, it was created just for entertainment and so that you are interested more to learn about end of world. I believe that inside the movie, it is all the creators imagination based on the ideas and assumptions. So if you want to read more, I did give out some link so that you could read more.

Some facts about this movie was,

  1. The only religion that will stay alive in the new world is buddhism since all the Popes and Bishop will die when the buildings fall on them. Plus there is no Islamic leader did ever exist and if so (since there is the UAE Royal Families) it does not exist to the end thus Islam did not exist to the end (please do not take this to heart as I’m only reviewing the movie)
  2. US will be lead by a guy that is so arrogant and selfish
  3. None of Malaysian will survive
  4. Thank God, there is still animals but only one Dog (amongst other species) will survive
  5. Did they remember the existance of the hole on the Ozone Layer? If so, in the new world this will still exist. This tell us some of the current world problem will still exist after the new world is created.

That is some of the facts and some will be funny if you think about it. By the way, I pose no harm there.. XD

Ok, since i talk loads of things about the movie, this is the trailer and hope you enjoy it;


Watch this movie but it’s a cam edition

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