End of Destiny for a new Destiny

It was last Friday on 22nd of January that I learn there is a photography competition holds by DBKK. I learn it through their website when I was searching for their address for our visit to their solid waste landfill  (Class Visit).

Knowing that the competition is there, I have kept within me some interest to join it. While time is so short and I was also busy with some assignment plus having some of my time playing Destiny Online. Then because I have so many things to do, I was not able to complete the picture. I did not join the competition. And I sure feel so bad about it since I was not able to compete with other photographer and learn how much do i need to improve my photographing techniques.

Since photographing is one of my hobby and I Love it a lot. So i decided to stop one of the distraction. It was removing Destiny Online Games in my life. It was a really fun game and there is a lot of good people inside too. And there I learn about my dream and it actually helps me to go back to the right track.

So here I am, to remark today as the day I work for my dream and walking through whatsoever destiny that awaits in front. And get a better grips of my life. Hope I will be able to stand true to myself and pursue my dream more than I can ever be.

By the way here is the picture that I hope to send for competition..

I just want to see how well it will go but then I wont make it this time. The competition already end at 5pm today so I wont be able to make much from it.

Visit here to learn more about the competition http://www.dbkk.sabah.gov.my/en/content/news/more/377

11th UMS Tamu Gadang

This post is an extend to the 11th UMS Tamu Gadang and Convocation post that I created yesterday. Please follow the link to read more on it ok..

Today, as I writing this article, maybe UMS had just finish their opening ceremony for the 11th UMS Tamu Gadang. I heard that Heliza will be coming to perform. She is a UMS student and for sure UMS admin are inviting her.

By the way, this after noon, I did spend some part of my time to go to UMS Tamu Gadang together with 2 of my friends. And I take this opportunity to take some shot. Before You look on the pictures, I could say that it was an interesting place to visit since all the Schools in UMS are opening their own booth and you can see their latest invention or maybe you are interested to enroll in UMS, then you can ask them if you got doubts.

Another thing that caught my interest is the games with handphones as the prize. you can see it in one of the pictures too. Also this time I put my picture holding M-16. I guess this is my second picture in my own blog. 😀

Hope you enjoy the pictures..

Kingfisher Kota Kinabalu

Was in kingfisher last time and was able to take some snap of the place. The view was really nice so I made up my mind to take the picture.

Check this out;

Evening View of Kingfisher Kota Kinabalu

Kingfisher is a place around Kota Kinabalu. This place is where a lot of non-resident University Malaysia Sabah Student’s stays. For me, this place is where I could find cheap food for my meals. There is not much interesting thing about this place as it is almost the same as other housing area.

The things that you might found in this place is a Giant Supermarket, 1 Cybercafe, 3 Vegeterian Shop, Lots of Malay and Chinese restaurant or some might term it as a Kedai Kopi. One of the most good thing about this place was, the cheap rate of all the photocopy shop. It was a good point which will keep inviting more students to come here since the distance from University Malaysia Sabah to Kingfisher is only around 2 to 3KM.

Stop the introduction about Kingfisher, I will go through the picture that I take. For now I was still learning to take the picture usin my canon A590iS with aperture priority setting. I guess this is the best picture that I could take at that time by using theA590iS. Maybe there is someone with a better talent than me and could make a better picture.

I edit the picture with GIMP Photo Editor (as I’m using Linux right now) and i get this results;

Edited with Colour Balance

Kingfisher Kota Kinabalu using Colour Balance

Edited with Brightness and Contrast

Kingfisher Kota Kinabalu Edited with Brightness and Contrast

I not sure which is better but back then when I asked my sister, She told me the original was better than the edited. Maybe I could not edit it to it’s best view yet but the I’ll work on this skill soon.

From Kota Kinabalu to Keningau

Today, I spent my time to go to Keningau to do something. So I take the chance to take some pictures along the way. For your information, if you wish to go to Keningau, you have 2 options. First one is to follow the Tambunan Road which will pass my hometown Tambunan and second one is to follow the Kimanis road in which you will pass papar and you will be able to see crocker range.

In this trip, I decide to follow the Kimanis road as I could reach a around 20 to 30 minutes faster and the road requires less turning. Other than that, I’ve been wanting to take some pictures in the Kimanis road then this will be the best time to do so.

Few pictures was taken on by the time I travel following kimanis road;

Water fall capture in potrait style
Water fall capture in potrait style
2 pine trees with the main Crocker Range park office building
2 pine trees with the main Crocker Range park office building
Starting of Crocker Range if you are from Papar Sabah.
Starting of Crocker Range if you are from Papar Sabah.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. I’ve uploaded the pictures to festivals.my. If you wish to send the pictures to friend, just visit the site and use the eCards option that the website prepare for free use.

By the way, what I’ve captured here is just a picture and the feeling of being here is totally different. So why not pack up your lugage and plan visit to this place. Make sure you rent a carr when coming as with your own transport, you’ll get a more travel flexibility.