Kota Kinabalu Shopping Complex near CNY

Chinese New Year is a week ahead and I too was doing my shopping for a new shirt and pants this new year. Then came into my mind to compare what all the shopping complex had been prepare  or specifically to see what decoration that they have done to their shopping complex. Since I am going to walk around to get the best shirt and pants that I like to wear for the whole year (wear for the as long as it is ok and I can fit XD ) so it was a good opportunity for me to take a picture on them.

So after class this Thursday, I spend my time to go and have a walk at 1Borneo. As expected from them, it was decorated really well and beautiful. Being at 1Borneo is rather a good choice if you wanted to take picture for this Chinese New year.

Beautiful CNY Decoration at 1Borneo
Beautiful CNY Decoration at 1Borneo

Then after being in 1Borneo, I drive my car all the way to Centre Point Kota Kinabalu. It was a great place to go for if you are searching for hand phone and stuff since from my observation compare to other places Centre Point has many phone shop than other shopping complex. By the way, here is the decoration that was done in Centre Point. Its quite simple but still it was beautiful tho.

CNY Decoration at Centre Point
CNY Decoration at Centre Point

And this is the last place I go for shopping on the Thursday.

Then the next day, after finishing the stuff at home, I decided to go out again to search for some good item for this Chinese New Year. Then I went to Wisma Merdeka since it is well known as the best place for attire shopping. It was not so big as 1Borneo or Centre Point but inside there is a lot of clothes that you can buy. By the way not all is branded like in 1Borneo. Here is the decoration that they’ve done.

CNY Decoration at Wisma Merdeka
CNY Decoration at Wisma Merdeka

Forgot to mention, there is one Tokayaki Shop in Wisma Merdeka. It was pretty good to eat.

Then next I went to the newly open Suria Sabah. Nothing much to be expected from here since it is newly open. The shop here is almost like in 1Borneo but I wont talk much about that since I will review it next after it has fully open. Here the Simple Decoration that they’ve made.

CNY Decoration at Suria Sabah
CNY Decoration at Suria Sabah

There is actually 1 shop that I wanted to take picture there. But I afraid here is like in 1Borneo where picture taking is not allowed. I always take picture secretly in 1Borneo but not in Suria Sabah this time. Plus by the time I saw the shop, there is the Suria Sabah Security Guard walking near me so I decided not to take any picture at all. From the picture you can see lots of shop still close and we will actually be able to see something better than this in the future.

Then the last place I went in Friday was to KK Plaza. For me what interest me the most in this place was the shoe shop there. By the way you could also shop clothes and Phone here too. I stop a while in this place as I was attracted with the EOS camera on the display. Here is the decoration that they have done for this Chinese New Year

CNY Decoration at KK Plaza
CNY Decoration at KK Plaza

There is not much of a decoration since there is usually no events in here.

The next day on Saturday, I remember there is 2 more place  that I wanted to go. Which is Wawasan Plaza and Karamunsing. But on that day I just decided to go Wawasan Plaza since I have to went to Centre Point and Wisma Merdeka again to check the currency exchange. In wawasan Plaza Parkson Grand is making its warehouse sales. There is a lot to be expected from this sales if you are searching for cheap and good quality stuff. By the way, here is the photo.

CNY Decoration at Wawasan Plaza
CNY Decoration at Wawasan Plaza

Here is the place where Wawasan Plaza always make their events. That day itself I was hoping some event will be held here. But so sad that there was no event for now. This is the simple decoration that they have made.

The last place that I will go is Karamunsing. I expect the decoration there will be beautiful. By the way from all the shopping complex, 1Borneo has the most beautiful decoration. Congratulations to them as they are working hard to make everything beautiful for us to see. Hope the other shopping complex will decorate their place more in the future since it will be good if the shopper are able to take some beautiful picture of yours.

2012 Movie and the end of the world

Back then after the exam ends, the Movie 2012 came out to the cinema. Hearing good review from friends and some criticism, I manage to go watch it myself with my girlfriend.

The movie is so nice that it give us a little picture about the end of the world. But the movie is talking all about the scientific facts and not about the spiritual (which covers the religion and the tradition) facts of the end of the world. And one great flaw is no holy book in this world has ever write when is the end of the world.

Scientifically speaking, the movie itself tell us, how our (human) technology is so powerful in detecting the changes that happen inside our earth. I believe that is true since the advancement of human  technology in the past decades. Also in the movie, we are able to simulate all what is happening for example the tsunami or even the changes on the earth surface, but in reality, some of the formula to do all this is not even exist and i believe there exist no accurate software that could simulate all the occurrences. By the way it is just a movie and it was created from the imagination of it’s creator.

So to this moment, I was thinking, even it is only a movie, how great impact does it gives to other people who don’t even read holy books or who don’t even know much about the occurrence  of the end of the world. I’m not saying that I am a ‘Know it all’ person, but sharing some of my knowledge on this is rather something that will at least get you believe the movie as a whole.

For your information, the 2012 movie has describe almost all the scientific information about the end of the world. This is based on the ideas and assumptions on what will happen when the sun is in the furthest location from the earth which will cause the earth itself to lost the gravity force from the sun. Plus, it also tells the important assumptions from the Mayan Calendar and lots of other calendar such as I Ching and some other assumptions that has yet to be known by me. By the way, for me this is all just a scientific assumption, in which there is a chances that this assumptions is wrong where it will either happen later or earlier as what predicted. But still even it is wrong, the end of world is always there waiting for us.

By the way, the holy book (bible, Quran)  has never stated when is the end of the world. They had never specifically write what date will it be as but it was written there that the end of world is near when the  sign came. And what is the sign? From some readings and hearings, a few sign will occur as the end of world is near;

  1. Human is getting more greedy where corruption is everywhere
  2. Israel owns a land or a country to reside in
  3. Ratio of Girls is more than boys
  4. Existence of Dajjal
  5. Jesus Chirst a.k.a Phrophet Isa came to the world to fight Dajjal
  6. etc etc..

From my readings few years back, there is no one who will survive from the end of the world. We will all been send to sleep or death and our soul will all raise together to the field named as Makassar Land (in Quran) and there is where the judgement is given for us in which this part means the selection of who will be living in heaven and in hell.

And that is my little knowledge on he end of world as what written in Bible and Quran. But yet this is a lifetime learning and still lots of other thing I will need to learn.

Just for your information, none of the facts by the Bible and Quran is inside the 2012 movie, so my advice to those who don’t really know what the end of world really was, don’t take this movie seriously, it was created just for entertainment and so that you are interested more to learn about end of world. I believe that inside the movie, it is all the creators imagination based on the ideas and assumptions. So if you want to read more, I did give out some link so that you could read more.

Some facts about this movie was,

  1. The only religion that will stay alive in the new world is buddhism since all the Popes and Bishop will die when the buildings fall on them. Plus there is no Islamic leader did ever exist and if so (since there is the UAE Royal Families) it does not exist to the end thus Islam did not exist to the end (please do not take this to heart as I’m only reviewing the movie)
  2. US will be lead by a guy that is so arrogant and selfish
  3. None of Malaysian will survive
  4. Thank God, there is still animals but only one Dog (amongst other species) will survive
  5. Did they remember the existance of the hole on the Ozone Layer? If so, in the new world this will still exist. This tell us some of the current world problem will still exist after the new world is created.

That is some of the facts and some will be funny if you think about it. By the way, I pose no harm there.. XD

Ok, since i talk loads of things about the movie, this is the trailer and hope you enjoy it;


Watch this movie but it’s a cam edition


Some further reading if you are interested;

2012 Phenomenon – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_phenomenon

Dajjal – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dajjal

Mahdi – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahdi

Wawasan Plaza Kota Kinabalu

Previously I got blog about Deepavali Singing Competition which was held in Wawasan Plaza Kota Kinabalu. It was quite an interesting event indeed. By the way in this post I would like to introduce to you Wawasan Plaza – the heaven of Sabah Handicraft (Other than Filipino Market).

If you had come to Sabah and was interested to buy the cultural handicraft, Wawasan Plaza was one of the best choice to go to. It was a shopping complex like Centre point and 1Borneo but wawasan plaza is the only shopping complex that has quite a lot handicraft store.

In one of my Blog post Pesta Gong Matunggong Kudat Sabah I did mentioned that Kudat is the place you can get the handicraft cheap. It was true and always true since Kudat is the producer for some of the Handicraft that was sold in Wawasan Plaza. But what more important was, when you on a limited time in Sabah (maybe going for some outstation work or what so ever it was), So sure that you don’t have much time to got to Kudat. So if that happen, it left you no choice but to find the nearest in town. And I would like to recommend you Wawasan Plaza.

Wawasan Plaza is located just beside Api-api centre and it’s location is near to Promenade Hotel and KK Bus Station. It was located in area which is very easy to find. So you won’t have to travel so much to find it. But for your information, if you are at Wisma Merdeka and was traveling by leg, Wawasan Plaza would have been quite far ahead. But still it is not as far as going to Karamunsing. So if you have your stay in Sabah, don’t forget to visit wawasan plaza.

Here is some picture taken inside Wawasan Plaza. It is mostly handicraft store.

Pesta Gong Matunggong Kudat Sabah

October 24th and 25th 2009 will remark the Pesta Gong Matunggong at Kudat Sabah. The Pesta Gong is a special occasion at Matunggong town which is the old town of Kudat Sabah. In this place, they will be playing their best sound for you to hear and you are able to see their largest gong which if I am not wrong was created in 2008.

In the Pesta Gong, one of the most attractive thing is you are able to get the lowest price for any gong that you like (If you know how to negotiate the price). Compare to the price that you get from the handicraft shop in Kota Kinabalu, I believe that the price will be a lot more cheaper as most of the store is taking their gong supply from Matunggong Kudat Sabah. So if you have the chance, why not come and Join the events at Pesta Gong Matunggong Kudat Sabah.

Gong is a musical instrument which has a long history in Kadazan Dusun Culture, it was created for few purposes which is for entertainment and for increasing the spirit. As an entertainment musical instrument, gong was used in many occasion such as Wedding ceremony and when the Kadazan Dusun ethnics are celebrating something special in their tribe for example Kaamatan or Pesta menuai (Harvest Festival). Gong was also used to increasing the spirits of the warriors before they went to war in protecting their village or even to celebrate their success in winning the war. And thus Gong has brings an important symbol for the culture.

Other than that, Gong was also used in occasion such as the Burial Ceremony to call family from around the village to come and give respect to the decease. In some spiritual believes, the sound from gong are able to avoid bad spirits from coming and disturbing the burial ceremony and also it avoids the spirit of the deceased person to come and seeing its death body, which if happen will caused a great bad luck to the family.

Nowadays, Gong was also used in some important government occasion. In which Gong usually used as the tools to remark the opening or closing ceremony of some events. Or even to remark the arrival of the VIP to the occasion. With gong, it keeps Sabah as a very unique state in Malaysia and this gives Sabah a better impression. And for me, Sabah is a really classic State with the culture that it preserve until now.

For your information, I have been to Matunggong Kudat twice and I still feel like going to Matunggong Kudat once again. Because other than the attraction from the Pesta Gong Matunggong, there is other places that I could visit in Kudat such as the classic historical long house life, the honey bee farm and also one of my favourite place was the tip of Borneo which is the Simpang Mangayau. So if you are interested, pack your bag, arrange your schedule and join the Pesta Gong Matunggong in Kudat Sabah this October.

I believe your visit to Sabah will be so memorable and you are able to enjoy one of the most Unique place in the world.

For more information on this event, visit http://pestagong.sabahtourism.com/2009/

Cyberlink PowerDirector 7 Ultra Free with License Key

Back to few days ago, I was working on a video for the Chemical Engineering Studens’ Club. Then I was searching around the web for video and photo slide show maker. And I found the Original Cyberlink PowerDirector 7 Ultra which is given for free by Cyberlink as their PowerDirector 8 is coming out.

If you are interested with this software, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to softwareload.de to register a new account. This is a German website so if you wish to understand the website, you need to use google translate or any translate tools. Visit this link; http://download.softwareload.de/start-rc/start/
  2. Fill the necessary fields especially those with * .  After all fields is filled, click on the “Registrieren” button.
  3. softwareload-registration

  4. Then they will send you a verification email. So you have to check your email after a few minutes for the verification step. After confirming, you need to login to softwareload.de by using the user name and password that you register before.
  5. After that, you have to visit the Cyberlink PowerDirector 7 Ultra page; http://download.softwareload.de/CyberLink-PowerDirector-7-Ultra-Aktion/60528
  6. Click the “Vollversion kaufen” button.
  7. If you arrives at an internediary page with login details filled in, just click on “Anmeldung” button.
  8. When you arrives at payment page, you need to select T-Pay (per Telekom Rechnung, Kreditkarte oder MicroMoney) as “Bezahlverfahren” (payment method).
  9. Then enter PCWPowerDirector as the “Gutschein-Code” (coupon code).       free-powerdirector-7
  10. Click OK then a confirmation page will be displayed which states that the “Reduzierter Preis” is now € 0,00, with “Sie sparen” of € 69,90. Click on “Weiter” button.free-cyberlink-powerdirector-7-ultra
  11. Then you will be redirected to My Downloads Page (”Meine Vollversionen”). There the license key “EOQNH-UUWKM-GYZYG-RAPUT-EP2SH-VG9P4” for this free version will be displayed.
  12. Find the download link for the file and download it.  download-free-full-version-cyberlink-powerdirector-7-ultra