Kota Kinabalu Shopping Complex near CNY

Chinese New Year is a week ahead and I too was doing my shopping for a new shirt and pants this new year. Then came into my mind to compare what all the shopping complex had been prepare  or specifically to see what decoration that they have done to their shopping complex. Since I am going to walk around to get the best shirt and pants that I like to wear for the whole year (wear for the as long as it is ok and I can fit XD ) so it was a good opportunity for me to take a picture on them.

So after class this Thursday, I spend my time to go and have a walk at 1Borneo. As expected from them, it was decorated really well and beautiful. Being at 1Borneo is rather a good choice if you wanted to take picture for this Chinese New year.

Beautiful CNY Decoration at 1Borneo
Beautiful CNY Decoration at 1Borneo

Then after being in 1Borneo, I drive my car all the way to Centre Point Kota Kinabalu. It was a great place to go for if you are searching for hand phone and stuff since from my observation compare to other places Centre Point has many phone shop than other shopping complex. By the way, here is the decoration that was done in Centre Point. Its quite simple but still it was beautiful tho.

CNY Decoration at Centre Point
CNY Decoration at Centre Point

And this is the last place I go for shopping on the Thursday.

Then the next day, after finishing the stuff at home, I decided to go out again to search for some good item for this Chinese New Year. Then I went to Wisma Merdeka since it is well known as the best place for attire shopping. It was not so big as 1Borneo or Centre Point but inside there is a lot of clothes that you can buy. By the way not all is branded like in 1Borneo. Here is the decoration that they’ve done.

CNY Decoration at Wisma Merdeka
CNY Decoration at Wisma Merdeka

Forgot to mention, there is one Tokayaki Shop in Wisma Merdeka. It was pretty good to eat.

Then next I went to the newly open Suria Sabah. Nothing much to be expected from here since it is newly open. The shop here is almost like in 1Borneo but I wont talk much about that since I will review it next after it has fully open. Here the Simple Decoration that they’ve made.

CNY Decoration at Suria Sabah
CNY Decoration at Suria Sabah

There is actually 1 shop that I wanted to take picture there. But I afraid here is like in 1Borneo where picture taking is not allowed. I always take picture secretly in 1Borneo but not in Suria Sabah this time. Plus by the time I saw the shop, there is the Suria Sabah Security Guard walking near me so I decided not to take any picture at all. From the picture you can see lots of shop still close and we will actually be able to see something better than this in the future.

Then the last place I went in Friday was to KK Plaza. For me what interest me the most in this place was the shoe shop there. By the way you could also shop clothes and Phone here too. I stop a while in this place as I was attracted with the EOS camera on the display. Here is the decoration that they have done for this Chinese New Year

CNY Decoration at KK Plaza
CNY Decoration at KK Plaza

There is not much of a decoration since there is usually no events in here.

The next day on Saturday, I remember there is 2 more place  that I wanted to go. Which is Wawasan Plaza and Karamunsing. But on that day I just decided to go Wawasan Plaza since I have to went to Centre Point and Wisma Merdeka again to check the currency exchange. In wawasan Plaza Parkson Grand is making its warehouse sales. There is a lot to be expected from this sales if you are searching for cheap and good quality stuff. By the way, here is the photo.

CNY Decoration at Wawasan Plaza
CNY Decoration at Wawasan Plaza

Here is the place where Wawasan Plaza always make their events. That day itself I was hoping some event will be held here. But so sad that there was no event for now. This is the simple decoration that they have made.

The last place that I will go is Karamunsing. I expect the decoration there will be beautiful. By the way from all the shopping complex, 1Borneo has the most beautiful decoration. Congratulations to them as they are working hard to make everything beautiful for us to see. Hope the other shopping complex will decorate their place more in the future since it will be good if the shopper are able to take some beautiful picture of yours.

End of Destiny for a new Destiny

It was last Friday on 22nd of January that I learn there is a photography competition holds by DBKK. I learn it through their website when I was searching for their address for our visit to their solid waste landfill  (Class Visit).

Knowing that the competition is there, I have kept within me some interest to join it. While time is so short and I was also busy with some assignment plus having some of my time playing Destiny Online. Then because I have so many things to do, I was not able to complete the picture. I did not join the competition. And I sure feel so bad about it since I was not able to compete with other photographer and learn how much do i need to improve my photographing techniques.

Since photographing is one of my hobby and I Love it a lot. So i decided to stop one of the distraction. It was removing Destiny Online Games in my life. It was a really fun game and there is a lot of good people inside too. And there I learn about my dream and it actually helps me to go back to the right track.

So here I am, to remark today as the day I work for my dream and walking through whatsoever destiny that awaits in front. And get a better grips of my life. Hope I will be able to stand true to myself and pursue my dream more than I can ever be.

By the way here is the picture that I hope to send for competition..

I just want to see how well it will go but then I wont make it this time. The competition already end at 5pm today so I wont be able to make much from it.

Visit here to learn more about the competition http://www.dbkk.sabah.gov.my/en/content/news/more/377

Steel Action Figure – Transformer Copy

For those who like action figure a lot, I got one interesting picture on Steel  Action figure. It was transformer  i guess and was built by using unused car parts and steel. It was on one shop in wawasan plaza kota kinabalu. So if you like it, have some time and visit the place..

Fyi, it was local made and I’m proud because Sabahan could do it..

Steel Action Figure - Transformer Copy
Steel Action Figure - Transformer Copy

The steel action figure is around my height or normal sabahan height 5ft to 6 ft.. It was an amazing action figure since it was made from steel. I guess it is heavier than me. The leg was screwed to the floor of the shop. It was at ground floor and I am not sure what is the shop’s name.

By the way, if you around KK, have a visit on this shop. It was the best creation that I have seen with my own eyes.

Wawasan Plaza Kota Kinabalu

Previously I got blog about Deepavali Singing Competition which was held in Wawasan Plaza Kota Kinabalu. It was quite an interesting event indeed. By the way in this post I would like to introduce to you Wawasan Plaza – the heaven of Sabah Handicraft (Other than Filipino Market).

If you had come to Sabah and was interested to buy the cultural handicraft, Wawasan Plaza was one of the best choice to go to. It was a shopping complex like Centre point and 1Borneo but wawasan plaza is the only shopping complex that has quite a lot handicraft store.

In one of my Blog post Pesta Gong Matunggong Kudat Sabah I did mentioned that Kudat is the place you can get the handicraft cheap. It was true and always true since Kudat is the producer for some of the Handicraft that was sold in Wawasan Plaza. But what more important was, when you on a limited time in Sabah (maybe going for some outstation work or what so ever it was), So sure that you don’t have much time to got to Kudat. So if that happen, it left you no choice but to find the nearest in town. And I would like to recommend you Wawasan Plaza.

Wawasan Plaza is located just beside Api-api centre and it’s location is near to Promenade Hotel and KK Bus Station. It was located in area which is very easy to find. So you won’t have to travel so much to find it. But for your information, if you are at Wisma Merdeka and was traveling by leg, Wawasan Plaza would have been quite far ahead. But still it is not as far as going to Karamunsing. So if you have your stay in Sabah, don’t forget to visit wawasan plaza.

Here is some picture taken inside Wawasan Plaza. It is mostly handicraft store.