Wrong Sleeping posture and cure

This is a true story and it did happen to me. Back in few weeks before, I was working on my final year project which me and my colleagues need to take water sample along Moyog River. We take water sample the whole day from 11.30am to around 6 pm.

Been working the whole day, make me so tired. Then I send my colleagues back to the University and I went back home. As I feel so tired, right after I take my bath, I fall asleep.

And here where it start. My sleeping posture is not the normal way I usually sleep. I don’t know how it was but it is what people usually said a wrong sleeping posture. And what happen was, the next morning I woke up, I was not able to move my head. Turning my body to the side will cause pain to my neck.

It was so painful that I was not able to work on that weekends itself. Then on Monday, as I force myself to UMS, I decided to ask my friend to give me a little massage on the painful area. It did works but only for that day itself. The next day the pain is still the same.

My sister and Mika said that I need to hit it using the pillow but then I don’t intend to do it until I know if there is changes after being massage for the second time. Then hoping it will get better, I decided to wait a few days. But nothing change at all. The pain is still there, I was having the difficulties to turn left and right also looking up and down.

Then I asked Mika to help me and hit my back using pillow. And this really help to cure my neck. Few days after, the pain started to decrease and I was able to turn as I like again. Thanks for the advice sis and Mika!!

By the way, here is the explanation of the whole thing. It was an old beliefs and believing it or not, it will be depending on you. When your sleeping posture causes pain to any part of your body, you could do 2 things which is hit it with the pillow or find a pro massage (normal massage usually does not really works)

When using the pillow cure, someone must hit the part (usually your backs or neck) using the pillow that you use before. And make sure to tell him to hit you when you did not realize it.

By the way, if it does not work to you, you have to find a doctor (which they give option, use neck cover or inject with muscle relaxer. Or you can get some pro massage which will cost you more.

Trying on the pillow cure first will be just right as it does not even cost you anything. And maybe it works on you as it works on me before.

After 12.30AM

Just some old saying that I would like to share. This was followed by some of us but some who know it still did not believe in it. For me, I accidentally follow this as I usually sleep quite late due to my hobby to online.

By the way, this thing is all about some black magic learned by some of the people out there. In old believes Black Magic is known to be powerfull between 12midnight until 12.30 midnight. At this time the person with Black Magic ability will actually do all the ritual to send some bad luck to the person targeted by the clients.

Normally they will send it by using the air but at some other style, if you are being targeted and you are sleeping at this time they will actually called your spirit and do some bad thing to it in which will caused you to get sick or what so ever they want.

Even so 12midnight to 12.30midnight was the best time to send bad luck, the thursday will also be the best time for the spell to be success. The period is also the same but as foretold, the whole thursday night to friday dawn, will the most powerful time for it.

So the best is to sleep after 12.30midnight or 1am. Anyway, this is just a story told to me. Believe it or not, that will be depends on you.

Dream of Dead Fish

Today was my first exam paper for this semester. I got no comment about the exam, so I wish not to talk about it. As for today I arrive at home, I checked my mail box and was so happy to receive the mail from Yvonne Foong – The 2 shirt that I buy from her to support her. Then I go inside my house and thinking of blogging about the stuff.

When I enter my house, I directly turn on my laptop. I was totally excited to blog about the clothes that i buy. But things turn out differently. When I wait for the moment my laptop to load the windows, I got the hard disk error.

This is really annoying. By the time i wanna use the laptop, it turned out to be broken. Now I’m fixing it but there is big probability that the hard disk is broken. Now I’m using windows recovery to fix it. Hope it works.

By the way, before  this thing happen, 2 days ago I got dream that 3 of my Koi fish died. Not sure they died because of what but the dream is like a real one. Then this morning as I suddenly remember about the dream, I called my mom and asked her about this.

She told me, usually when people dream of this, they will need to use money for something. I guess it is quite accurate as this things really happen to me.

Maybe I need to buy an hard disk or a new laptop and this will need money too. If luck is by my side, I no need to buy new hard disk or laptop.

Hope I’m lucky. Oh.. By the way, I’m blogging using my 1.6 Dual Core Ubuntu Dekstop now.. If i got mood I will blog about the shirt.. Now I need to repair my laptop first.

May you Rest in Peace

A tiring week I can say. Since monday I am quite busy with Club activity and I don’t have much to talk about. The night before, as I arrive home directly Collapse after taking bath. Then I awake by 2am until 4am++ to online reading comics and doing web stuff.

Then go sleep again, I remember my girfriend call me few times to wake me up and there is one time I told her today i going to accident when back to Tambunan. Then i sleep back. I don’t know the reason but there is something happening when i go back Tambunan.

I remember after few calls and few times wake up, I really wake up around 10am (I don’t really like a life that always wake up late). Then I take bath and eat breakfast around 11am. After doing some stuff, then I manage to start my journey home to Tambunan.

Day start to rain as i reach the last gas station on the way to tambunan. After filling my car with Petrol and by a can of coke and some stuff, I started to head to Tambunan. On the way, the rain start to get more heavy but as normal, I go with my 80KmH speed.

My driving go so smooth until when i reach one place to take a light right turn that my car slide to the left near to the car on the road . Noticing that my reflexes react so fast that make me to turn the wheel more to the right but the car instead slide too much to the right heading to the car that park on the right side of the road. Luckily I could turn the wheel very fast and I did not bump to the car. I not sure anyone saw me there but after that I started to drive as at 60KmH.

After that incident, i remember that i got told my girlfriend what going to happen and so I turn on the praying song that i used to hear when travelling at night. Continuing my journey home, I saw 2 police patrol cars and 1 fireman car heading to KK. I wonder there might be some house on fire near that place so I just think maybe i could stop by and take some pictures.

On the way to Tambunan just at the U Corner before the Butterflies farm, many cars are slowing down. From behind I could see 3 police patrol cars and 1 police van park at the road side. Just in between the police cars is a bad shape Proton Iswara.

I not sure what is happening but I saw there is 2 bags just behind the car. It’s already fully wrapped and I could not see what inside but I confirmed with my own eyes that the bags has the shape of human. Cold sweat started to go down from my head.

It’s really bad when I could see this thing just infront of my eyes. What I could describe is, in that raining day the car drive downhill quite fast and when reaching near the U Corner, the driver slow down but the car keep sliding to the front with high speed causing the car to bump to the hill (with cement wall).I not really sure the real story but that is what i could say.

Driving at 60KmH, all the car infront and behind started to drive slow around 45KmH. Maybe everyone shocked with that and for me for that thing, I won’t be stopping down if I couldn’t give any help at all plus I’m not the brave kind that could simply see some death bodies infront and especially my mind really could not be brave to fight ghost.

By the way I just wonder why would I say about I having accident today. Doesn’t it really strange for myself? Or maybe if you ever face this won’t it be really strange?  Maybe there is just something about me that i could still did not know. or maybe I suppose to accident but it happens to other people.

Only gods know what the answer.

By the way lets us give them a little pray,

In the name of god that I, you or everyone pray.. Hope god will bless those who died in the accident today especially those that i saw with a more beautiful life in heaven. Hope god could forgive all their sins and give them chance to go to after death world so that they will not stay unpeace in earth by regretting what had happen to them. May god also blessed their family with a tougher heart to accept their new journey. And may god blessed us so that we could have a secure and safe life.

Namo Amitabha, Namo Kuan Shi Yin Boddhisatva.

P/S –  Be Careful on your journey. We live in this life only once so value it.


When I came back home yesterday night, i forgot to write up something in my Blog again. This had been happening for many times now. Today when i feel like updating my blog, what happen is i don’t know what to write at all. But before, there is a lot of ideas that came to my mind. Well I might jote it down when i remember again soon.

By the way I just wanna share something that I learn from the elder in my hometown. Something that you might found nonsense but for me and some of the people out there, this is something that we should not look down at.

The term “Kempunan” is something related to facing a bad events as a result of could not eat something or do what we really want to do.

In Sabah mostly we call it “Tepunan” or “Kepunan”. From my past experience, I’ve found and heard a lot of stories related to “Kempunan” which some related to fatal Accident, Injuries or bad luck. One that i remember the most is the fatal accident of a child that is wishing to eat egg but could not have it.

It was told that the Kid want to eat egg but there is no egg in their house. So the kid manage to got and buy egg at the shop opposite the road. Before he go he never said “tepun” (I’ll let you know what is this later) and caused the bad luck to be with him that day. On the time he passing the road, a car suddenly hit him and he died on the spot. This might because of his carelessness but it is still believed from the “Kempunan” thing.

By the way there is few ways to avoid from being “Kempunan”. One time if you really want to eat something but the thing is not there, you can say “Tepun” or lick both your palm (a small part of palm only but depends on you where you want to lick but the best is only at the  centre of your palm). This two methods means that you will eat the food sometime later and hope that bad luck wont be following you.

I found out the method is still popular in my Hometown and I did do this thing once in a while especially when i go for a long travel.

If you go to friend’s house in Sabah, some of them still apply this thing. For example when they tell you to eat but you refuse as you already eaten, then they will eventually tell you to take a bit to “tepun”.

It is believe that when you “tepun” or lick your palm, you are just like eating a tiny bit of the food. As your palm had been holding a lot of foods before, then it would be like you are tasting the ex-food in your palm.

As time is getting more and more advance, this thing is almost extinct. Hope with this post some of those who believe in old stuff could actully learn this.