11th UMS Tamu Gadang

This post is an extend to the 11th UMS Tamu Gadang and Convocation post that I created yesterday. Please follow the link to read more on it ok..

Today, as I writing this article, maybe UMS had just finish their opening ceremony for the 11th UMS Tamu Gadang. I heard that Heliza will be coming to perform. She is a UMS student and for sure UMS admin are inviting her.

By the way, this after noon, I did spend some part of my time to go to UMS Tamu Gadang together with 2 of my friends. And I take this opportunity to take some shot. Before You look on the pictures, I could say that it was an interesting place to visit since all the Schools in UMS are opening their own booth and you can see their latest invention or maybe you are interested to enroll in UMS, then you can ask them if you got doubts.

Another thing that caught my interest is the games with handphones as the prize. you can see it in one of the pictures too. Also this time I put my picture holding M-16. I guess this is my second picture in my own blog. 😀

Hope you enjoy the pictures..

11th UMS tamu gadang and Convocation

It’s here again, the annual University Malaysia Sabah grand event, UMS Tamu Gadang and 11th Convocation. This year there should a lot of interesting thing around the Tamu Gadang and Convocation. And the one that might take interest the most is the opening for Tamu gadang where there will be singing, dancing and performance from popular singer. Since there is not much advertisement that I saw regarding the event, then I am not sure when is it but for sure it is at night and who will be coming for the events to give performance.

The tamu gadang will officially start in 6th of October 2009 and ends on 13th of October 2009 and the location is as usual at the parking space in front of Anjung Siswa or, near the Chancellor Hall. On the other hand, the convocation will be on 10th to 13th of October 2009.

As mentioned before, this event is one of the grand event in UMS. Most of the students that graduated this year will come and take their Convocation Certificate. It was a normal thing that happen every year. But for those who graduated, this will be their last chance to take picture with their friend that they have known for 3 or 4 years and also this will be the day they no longer hold the status as a student for those who will then continue to search for job.

For me, this will mean the start of a new life after nearly 16years becoming a student. Being the victim to the  education syllabus  (lol, joking in this part).. And after this will be the working world, world where things gets more cruel and it will be the hardest part in life.

So, good luck to those who graduated and hope you can cope with your working life in the future which is more stressful but fun if you are enjoying it.

About the tamu gadang, there is a lot of interesting stuff that you will see, and in some point for the students, they will enjoy the food the most. For me, I don’t really remember on what take my interest there but this is a good thing since, I would not have to tell you and you have to come yourself to see it.

And it is more enjoyable when you are there compare to you reading the enjoyable thing in that place. So why not take a cab or bring your family to came to UMS..

NACES 2009 and it’s over

14th – 16th of August 2009 has now become a memories to me and my friends. We had successfully organize National Chemical Engineering 2009 and lots of things happen to us.

When I think back, I’ve been spending part of my time doing stuff for this event and I spend more along the week before the event and on the event day itself. I have some basic in using flash and creating website and this is what gives me an opportunities to join this event and also become one of the Unit Directors.

My task was to look over the production of Publicity and Multimedia unit together with Mr.Kevin Khoo. For this event, we created recap videos for the participants, created the opening flash movie and also taking the pictures on the whole event. Thanks to our members, Jessica, Karen, Chung Hon, Sigrid, Lip Sheng, Chong Yap, Aaron, Zack and Kenny for all their hard works. Without them, our task would have not been so easy and thanks to their cooperation that works was easily done on time and if there is a rewards for the best members, I’d like to nominate them.

Actually our unit had been working since the beginning after the committee was formed. We are incharge to invite universities to the event and also to publicize the event to the community. Back in few months before,things had been so relax and as for me, I asked my members to learn how to use flash. They learned it but not to the extend that they can become a professional flash maker. Also for me, even I’ve known flash like 5 years ago, I still very new to the thing as I less practice on how to use it. Then, looking at the slow progress I learned  that one of my coursemate know  how to use 3d animation maker. That really makes my mind fly high to the sky.

I went to him, asking for help and we work on some ideas. Then having 3 months internship which stops all the progress of the movie. Right after the internship ends, we have 3 weeks to finish it, but to this extent, we could not do anything much.. Proper 3d animation requires countless of days so I manage, to do the movie using flash. With the helps of my members we working on the animation and we finish it the day before the events but still there is a problem with exporting it. The sound files is faster from the animation. The main reason for this is the file size which is too big. The arrangement of the animation and the sound is the same on the time line but there is nothing much we could do but to make the animation goes first followed by the sound file.

Then that is the animation that is used for the intro of NACES 2009. I was wondering if anyone realize the odd thing about our animation or not. But what came to me that time was, that is all everyone’s hardwork.. They put their all on it, the problem is not expected and so this problem is considered as non existance.

Right after the intro movie, on the 3 days event we have to work for the next host animation. The animation is created by one of my members, Lip Sheng and Jessica and I was in that too (too little that you can say I do nothing). Their hard work is what so important here. Just imagine I asked them to prepare 13 same animation with 1 difference which is the  logo if the university at the end. The work might be simple but it is time consuming and they do it greatly. And this is what used for announcing the next university that will host naces 2010.

So glad that right after the last animation, that is the end of the work for the animation and stuff. Then we can breath comfortably. Nothing much to do left and we could at last relax ourself.  And I believe, my other friends that been working for NACES 2009 to success also feel relieve. What is left for us is to celebrate it. To celebrate it in order to appreciate everyone’s work. Congratulations Everyone and thanks for all the hardwork.


I will post the animation files here later on and hope you can see it.


Kingfisher Kota Kinabalu

Was in kingfisher last time and was able to take some snap of the place. The view was really nice so I made up my mind to take the picture.

Check this out;

Evening View of Kingfisher Kota Kinabalu

Kingfisher is a place around Kota Kinabalu. This place is where a lot of non-resident University Malaysia Sabah Student’s stays. For me, this place is where I could find cheap food for my meals. There is not much interesting thing about this place as it is almost the same as other housing area.

The things that you might found in this place is a Giant Supermarket, 1 Cybercafe, 3 Vegeterian Shop, Lots of Malay and Chinese restaurant or some might term it as a Kedai Kopi. One of the most good thing about this place was, the cheap rate of all the photocopy shop. It was a good point which will keep inviting more students to come here since the distance from University Malaysia Sabah to Kingfisher is only around 2 to 3KM.

Stop the introduction about Kingfisher, I will go through the picture that I take. For now I was still learning to take the picture usin my canon A590iS with aperture priority setting. I guess this is the best picture that I could take at that time by using theA590iS. Maybe there is someone with a better talent than me and could make a better picture.

I edit the picture with GIMP Photo Editor (as I’m using Linux right now) and i get this results;

Edited with Colour Balance

Kingfisher Kota Kinabalu using Colour Balance

Edited with Brightness and Contrast

Kingfisher Kota Kinabalu Edited with Brightness and Contrast

I not sure which is better but back then when I asked my sister, She told me the original was better than the edited. Maybe I could not edit it to it’s best view yet but the I’ll work on this skill soon.

Final Exam just Ahead

2 weeks from now will be my first final exam paper. So I think I’m gonna slow down updating my website. Now that Purfeel Beta has came out, I will just continue the development later.

By the way this also gives me time to face my exam nicely. I remember I have not been concentrating on my studies for the past 1 year. Now in the 3rd year, I have to cope up the marks that I lost. If not, I’ll won’t get an easy life later on.

So wish me luck for the coming examinations.