Centipede oh Centipede

This was taken at home before New Year 2009. It was a green Centipede and i don’t feel like killing it so I just take some picture and let it free.


And this was taken the night of New Year. Maybe a bad luck, but we manage to found it and throw it away. Hoping with that it means we are able to throw the bad luck away from us. 2009 should be better than 2008

Red Centipede
Red Centipede

You might think why i did not kill both the centipede. It was a dangerous thing and it should be killed. Anyway for me, i wouldn’t kill any animals that did not gives harm to myself or family. It was just that we meet because of a coincidence and they had never wanted to attack us except when we touch them.

If only they suddenly attack us, I would’ve end their lives. It is just not a nature that i like when killing other animals. Loving it would be much more wonderful compare to seeing being smashed into bits.

And I’ve always keep in mind that it might be the reincarnation of another human beings as what teach in the buddhist book. So I wish not to kill anything but to leave it die by natural cause.

Hope if one time you meet with this small creatures, just don’t disturb them unless they disturb you.

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