Chinese New Year Celebration at KDCA Penampang

Chinese new year is just around the corner and so there is some event in KDCA. Here is some of the picture that I have taken. Enjoy!

Picture 010-2x

Picture 013-1x

Picture 014-1x

Picture 015-1x

Picture 020-1x

Picture 021-1x

Picture 027-1x

Picture 028-1x

Picture 029-1x

Picture 036-1x

Picture 039-1x

Picture 043-1x

Picture 047-1x

Picture 048-1x

Picture 049-1x

Picture 051-1x

Picture 053-1x

Picture 054-1x

Picture 055-1x

Picture 056-1x

Picture 057-1x

Picture 058-1x

Picture 060-1x

Picture 061-1x

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