Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering

This the banner that we get for succesfully win the technical presentation and winning the hosting of National Chemical Engineering Symphosium (NACES) 2009.

Thanks to my friends Jia yong, Abeed, Hanif, Helen, Kevin and Ai Ling for their hard work. Not to forget thanks to other friends that did come to support them for the NACES 2008 in UPM Serdang.

Thanks to you guys..

Those who had been ‘sacrificing’ their money for attending NACES are;
Me, Shu Jiet, Kevin, Roland, Han Yan, Ah Ruey, Aaron, Hanif, Jia Yong, Abeed, Helen, Ai Ling, Moo, Fadzlan, Ingrid, Joon Fei, Sakinah, Yatie, Shalany, Jun Yuan, Miss Murni, Yen Theng, Chiao Eing, Agnes, Pei Ping, Phooi See.. If there is name that i did not mention, sorry anyway you still in the list of members that go to NACES.. Notify me ok..

Lastly a veeeeeeeeeeery big thanks to Jun Yuan of handling stuff for us especially me coz i’m getting more lazy nowadays..

Our Achievement has been pride for all of us as chemical engineering students in UMS. they’ve proven that they can talk better than other people. They’ve defeated those scholar student.. Thus bringing UMS name to a higher level and hope the others including us will get to work hard making UMS the best..

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  1. hi, I’m a chem eng student from USM and I hope to get ur NACES 2008 winning presentation slide. I’m currently doing research on it. Thx for ur help! My email add is [email protected].

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