Connection Not Stable

I just came back from Industrial visit from Labuan, so i take this chance to go home, online and do some stuff. By the way, today I realize that there is a problem with streamyx.

I too a bit shocked but what i got is some thing you dont believe with a home connection.
The download speed was quite fast. But what i see the trend is, the speed first run at the speed that i buy, then it fall to around 50kbps then it suddenly jump up to a high number. I could not believe but this has been soo strange.
First Speed Test

Second Speed Test
In the 3 readings i get around 384. Not sure what happen but that is what i get.
Fourth Speed Test

Fifth Speed Test


This fews days I heard that streamyx is having some upgrading but i dont have any sources to clarify it. But if it really is happening, I hope the lowest rate they give is for a 1mbps package. With that I could lower the bill.

Hope to get some internet improvement soon.

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