Discover The REAL Truth About Protein! – 'The Protein Myth'

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Product Name: Discover The REAL Truth About Protein! – 'The Protein Myth'

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Hi, I’m Zeeshan. Like everyone, I was also a person who’ was convinced that Protein was the “key” to Gaining Muscle

If you’re reading this, you’re probably under the impression that protein is a vital nutrient in your body.

That you can only get protein from meat, eggs and a few other stuff.

You’ll probably struggle to build muscle without protein intake, and that you’ll need to consume lots of protein every day as you’ll lose muscle forever!

I’m sorry to spoil the moment, but the fact is……….. You’ve been listening to MYTHS AND A LOAD OF COBBLERS!

You’ve probably heard these claims time and time again when it comes to protein and building muscle:

‘The more Protein you take the bigger you’ll get..PERIOD!’

‘You’ll need to consume protein every 3/4 hours to maintain Muscle Growth’

‘Protein shakes are the only way to build extra muscle, without spending a fortune on meal prep’

II’m not saying this to belittle the supplement industry. I’m only saying this to protect you from becoming an obsessed protein maniac, with the misconception of that it helps you build muscle.

If you’ve read up to this point, ONE thing I must stress is that you need to have an open mind and digest what I’m about to tell you.

So here’s some indication of just how obsessed we’ve become with protein, thinking we know the score when in reality we know absolutely jack shit

Not long ago, I was recently browsing the web, and came across a forum and typed in the word ‘protein’ to see just how many folks were talking about protein shakes, or anything related to protein for that matter.

Someone had started a thread asking the other member their thoughts on the ‘best’ protein powder…

And as of June 2015 – There were 8,732 posts in just that thread alone!!

Blimey! Not to mention, it also had 941,657 views!

This just goes to show just how ridiculously big of a topic ‘Protein’ really is within the fitness industry…

Don’t believe me?? Why don’t you type in the word ‘protein powder’ into Google and let’s see just how many search results you get..

Last time I checked, there were 13,100,000 websites out there talking about protein!

You could say that’s a lot of Protein talk! – And to be honest, I’m convinced it’s all leading towards another obsessive “watch what you eat” guilty mindset…

Have you ever woke up and immediately ate breakfast to make sure you had the sufficient amount of protein back into your body after a long nights sleep??

Who spends hours in the kitchen each week, preparing food and slamming it in plastic food containers, and ridiculously carrying it around with you, so that you make sure you’ve got enough protein every 3 hours!??

And..I’d like to welcome you to The Protein Myth

Now, I’ve probably spent a decade trying to figure out the supplement industry. I’m 32 years old, and I’ll probably be older by the time some of you have reached this page…

I used to work as the research and development manager of a well known Pharmaceuticals company in the US.

I’ve formulated and contributed towards a handful of different supplements for the muscle building industry.

A lot of the projects I took part in were forming protein shakes and several other protein based supplements and promoted them to people just like you..â??

Like everyone, I was also a person who’ was convinced that protein was the “key” to Gaining Muscle

I used to spend hundred of dollars every month, on protein ingredients for my daily meals, and on supplements.

I had to buy extra meat at the grocery store, and I was eating ‘slow release’ protein towards the end of the night before I slept.

Then I’d scratch my head, worrying myself sick about whether I got my protein that day!â??

It was taking its toll, and I questioned whether this was the right way to live. Since I became overly obsessed with Protein. It was a JOKE!!

I remember the time when it became much clearer to me..

That protein might not be the ONLY answer in building muscle like it was made out to be in the first place

It was at an event held in London, UK, where I’d just put the finishing touches on a new supplement development and examining the muscle-building factors and Ergogenic (performing enhancing) effects of it..

Towards the end of the event, I had come on the pulpit to discuss some protein benefits the supplement included.

I had made a suggestion, whereby adding protein to the new improved formula would ultimately influence the muscle building effects, which in turn could make it an easy sell.

The lead biomedical scientist had glanced at me and said (in a sarcastic manner)…

From this remark, I realised they knew something about protein and muscle building that I must have missed or not understood..

I was apparently missing some essential information about the relationship between protein and building muscle..

After all, everything I’d ever read in fitness journals and online forums stressed the importance of protein being the “KEY” factor when it came to building muscle.

At this point I felt as though I was lost, and felt like a clueless teen going to the gym and learning about muscle building all over again.â??

Obviously, I was confused, and it was a little embarrassing!

I simply had not done sufficient amounts of research to present a sound scientific argument to the event. Simply put, I’d been schooled and entertained..

Everything I’d heard from experts and fitness gurus all had me believing that protein was the key to building muscle.â??

Yet my research scientists who’ve probably spent their ENTIRE life researching and studying the proven effects of protein had suggested that protein wasn’t all it was hyped up to be..

Over the next few months, it became crystal! Everything I’d heard about protein was a load of crap AND I WAS PISSED!

We all know learning something new is never easy..

â??And I’ll admit – I honestly wanted to prove my colleagues wrong!

I needed to figure out a way in which I could prove to them that protein was the key to building muscle..

But I was discovering that maybe I needed to stay in my lane as it simply wasn’t the case

It was as if I was forcing myself to convince myself that I was right and these scientists have probably never been to gym their whole lives, yet think they knew best.

At one end, I didn’t want to give up my belief of which I had about protein, while on the other end, I wanted to figure out the actual truth.

Eventually, with my ego out of the window, the intellectual side of my brain defeated me, so I decided to dedicate myself almost every waking hour to figure out what my colleagues had talked about, as I didn’t want to embarrass myself ever again.

Everything the body building forums said, everything I’ve read in magazines, everything they teach in fitness instructors and nutritionists, everything the pharmaceuticals and supplement companies were saying….All pointed to one big conclusion..

“It was the MAIN component to building muscle”â??

â??”If you didn’t eat it every 3/4 hours, then your nitrogen balance would decrease, and you will start losing muscle rather than building it”

“Your body can only digest around 30 or so grams of protein per meal”â??

And everything else that fitness ‘experts’ claimed were just one big fat lie created to sell and promote more protein!â??

The protein supplement industry is filled with brilliant marketing and sales experts

The protein industry had us believing that large consumption of protein is necessary when aiming to build more muscle.

But you’ll soon find out: That’s not the case.â??.

I’m not saying that protein doesn’t build muscle, because it does in some ways.

However, there a lot of hidden agendas that come along with it. But when you discover these mouthfuls of information; You’re going to love the freedom of not having to worry about protein all day long!

Blame the supplement industry all you like but compared to the Big Food Industry; They’re practically INNOCENT!

This may be hard to believe but when protein supplement are compared to the ‘root’ of all these problems (food industry) – It doesn’t add up!

You see, really and truly it’s not their fault. All they’re doing is trying to make a fortune from the SCRAPS of the food industry.

It’s the food industry that has the resources, with the influx of lobby groups promoting and pushing protein myths..

“It’s like Protein has it’s own billion dollar PR department!”

The food industry will spare no risks, making sure you believe in TWO things:

Protein benefits you, and the more protein you consume, the better it is for you!

In fact, the food industry manipulates the government and determines what food we should eat!

So while every dietician and nutritionist likes to point their finger at ‘evil’ supplement industry – I’m here to tell you the facts – And the REAL truth!

And they’re all contributing towards the disease of Protein Guilt, which diminishing the health and fitness community!

Having spent the next 2 years of my life and thousands of dollars writing ‘The Protein Myth’

So you’re able to diminish ‘Protein Guilt’ for good!

Trust me, if there was anyone who didn’t want to believe and face the music – It was me.

I’ve been involved in gymnastics, and mixed martial arts most of my life, and it’s obvious to think that by simply consuming more protein – i’ll probably get bigger and leaner.

But unfortunately that’s not the case, and you all deserve to know the truth..

â??And here’s the surprising bit – The truth isn’t some super secret file found on the hidden web.

Nor has it been stolen or is it ‘insider’ information.â??

It’s an abundance of scientific facts that most experts are more than familiar with..â??

And I’ve done all I can to produce and publish the truth in to ‘The Protein Myth’..

â??It’s obvious that you’re sceptical!

Sadly, you’ve most likely never heard any of it before, because the majority of people who write and blog about protein have some sort of monetary benefits involved.

In most case, exclusive contributor access to renowned sites like or

From bribes and authority given to shareholders in the supplement industry, most people we (I’m including myself) have turned to for guidance have commercial reasons to bend the truth a wee bit.

Which is why I want you to know the TRUTH, and not made up a lie so that you end up buying protein which isn’t necessary.

So that’s why I’m going to let you…

*Protein is the only ______ left that could likely ________ for us.

*The REAL difference between a COMMERCIAL scientific proof and REAL scientific proof and how these two very different measures end up being misused and united upon the same information for marketing purposes

*A mind-blowing nitrogen balance study that mind boggled even the researchers who performed the study!â??

*A study done in 2008 by the Food and Nutrition Board confirms whether nitrogen balance REALLY has an impact on building muscle

*Are you following the RECOMMENDED amounts of the protein set by the AMDA or RDA? If Yes, that is the case; then you’re doing it completely wrong!â??

*Wâ??hy figuring out your protein dosage based on the common formula such as 2.2 grammes per pound of bodyweight is the complete WRONG way to determine how much protein you’ll need…

*The little amount of protein found in a 1/2 glass of milk could supply your daily needs?

*Why staying consistent with one phase of your diet will empower you to be able to use the protein you need without having to worry about how the amount you’re getting each day!

*Ever get stomach pain or “rather pungent fart”? I’ll explain why this is most likely happening

*Eating ten times more protein doesn’t mean ten times more muscle..unfortunately!

*How you’re able to burn LESS fat and carbohydrates by increasing your intake of protein (proven with scientific research)

*Proving whether or not eating extra protein can help build more muscle

*How you’re able to eat 50 grammes of protein, yet DIGEST 150 grammes of protein..all within the same day! (which is something the supplement companies will NEVER tell you)

â??*What does saliva, gastric juice, pancreatic enzymes all have in common when having to do with protein circulating in the body?

*Find out what your stinky fart has to do with protein levels in your body – This may BLOW your mind!â??

*Why the people who think you need hundreds of grammes of protein per day HAVEN’T got the faintest of how the body works.â??

*The similarities of protein and….Lego blocks?â??

*How _____ and how ___ you ____ your muscles will determine how big your muscles will becomeâ??

*The honest TRUTH about the amount of muscle you can realistically gain within 2-4 months with a good resistance fitness regime – despite the extra nutrients and supplements one acquires.â??

*How scientific research will prove that the claims that you’ve seen online and in magazines (i.e. you’ll gain 15-20 lbs of muscle in 1 or 2 months) are practically impossible without anabolic steroidsâ??

*How you’re able to gain 4.5 lbs of LEAN muscle in just ten weeks…eating only 120 grammes of protein per dayâ??

*With the assumption, those vegetarians can’t build muscle because of low levels of protein; I’ll be showing you how they’re able to quickly gain JUST as much muscle as people eating meat every day

*Amongst the well-known supplement companies in the world had actually funded this study – which will again PROVE they’re lying to you in their advertising!)â??

â??*I”ll be revealing the “magic number” – the amount of protein the average person needs to maintain each day to maximise muscle growth

*Discover the one supplement I actually DO recommend that can increase your muscle gains by as much as 57% in just six weeks!â??

*I”ll be showing you a study where people who took in fewer amounts of protein had gained MORE muscle in the process!

*How you’re able to gain LEAN body mass (e.g. muscle) even while on a severe calorie limited diet

*Figure out the difference in the meaning of “high protein” between science and supplement companies. (We wonder why supplement companies consider “high protein as much as 400% greater than science does…?)

*A surprising conclusion to the meal timing debate. So does it matter when or how often you eat?

*Will you be able to lose muscle mass on just one meal per day?

And In Case That’s Not Enough – How About A Few More?

What’s the most necessary thing that your body needs after your workout? Well, certainly not protein! I’ll be revealing a supplement which showed a 250% increase in muscle mass over just protein alone.

Why most of the research studies with the aim to prove that protein synthesis indicates muscle growth are a load of cobblers.

Yep! That’s me..take a good look if you wish!

For both of our sakes, don’t let protein guilt consume your life because of some very adamant marketing â?? which is what the majority of people do with their protein intake.

Let me just clarify, I’ve been in this sector for a very LONG time, and you should trust me when I say – “you’ve been fobbed off.”â??

They’ve subliminally made you obsessed with protein for one simple reason – so that you continue buying their protein foods and supplements.

I have to give it to them, they’ve done a good job at stupefying people into thinking they need massive amounts of protein, that the majority of bodybuilders and fitness lab rats will do absolutely anything to defend their beliefs.

Why? Because they’ll refuse to accept the truth, even if it was slapped across their face!

Before you do anything, make sure you chuck that ego and ignorance in the bin, because if you’re that kind of person, then you probably won’t believe a word I’m saying..

Because you’ve probably got bigger muscles than me and think what does he know? or whatever else for that matter.

You can laugh all you like because you’re wasting your money, I’m not – So that’s something to laugh about!

But on the other hand, if you’re the kind of person with an open mind, with the purpose in founding out that maybe, just maybe, the companies selling you these over-priced protein diets and what not, are telling you a bunch of exaggerated lies

Then keep reading. If not, please jog on!

Because after reading “The Protein Myth” you’ll be able to…

Stop spending your hard earned cash on unnecessary extra protein stacks and supplements and annoying the waiter to give you an extra chicken breast every time you go out for dinner!!

You won’t need to buy protein powder again (Of course, you can if you want toâ?¦itâ??s not like the stuff is complete garbage, it’s just synthetic that’s all)

Youâ??ll also know when itâ??s suitable to eat a higher protein diet, and when it may be a complete waste of your money.

Just let go of Protein Guilt FOREVER!

Protein guilt is an addiction a very real and very common experience in nearly anybody who thinks protein is essential in building muscle.

â??That you NEED protein after your workout.

It seems to take over your life. But are you a victim of Protein Guilt?

Get anxious and start to worry if you don’t have protein with every meal?

Purposely select food choices by that they have a minimum of 30g protein per meal?

Always seem to time it “just right” so that you can have your protein fix immediately after your work out?

If you do any of these things above, then you’re suffering from Protein Guilt just like I was once upon a time…

And the worst thing about protein guilt is that sometimes it makes you put on weight! And as most of you know, that’s not a good look!

â??Instead of having a simple salad for lunch, you’re bound to add chicken. Instead of having a simple bowl of pasta for dinner, you’re bound to add a few meatballs or some chicken.

â??There’re so many people out there, that go so far and actually eat higher calorie foods ON PURPOSE just to get that extra bit of protein! It literally is a ball ache!

This system has saved a lot of people a lot of money, I would have the supplement industry suing me and they would all KILL ME if they found I was giving away this secret.â??

OMG! The Protein Myth answered all of the questions and doubts I had over the years..I can’t believe the industry is that deceiving. I can now plan a proper meal plan, one that isn’t expensive and one that doesn’t include the nasty protein shakes! Great book!

â??it’s such a shame to find out the real truth about protein. But the good thing at least this book covers everything I need to know on what to carry out if I want protein in my diet. Instead of having to worry about spending my earnings on supplements, I rather stick to what Zeeshan mentions in his book, because it actually works and it’s surprisingly true!

“Zeeshan merely drops a bomb on the industry, exposes their lies and deceit. Finally I don’t need to worry about stupid protein shakes! I always knew they were just a myth, but now I’m certain!”

I know you’re sceptical. Which is why this book comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days.

Within that time if you don’t think it’s worth every single penny, simply send me an email, and you’ll be refunded immediately. No hoops to jump through, no hassles.

100% Satisfaction

Inside I’ll be revealing two simple things which play a massive role when it comes to building muscle.

Because without these, you’re literally never going to build muscle

HINT: One is a 100% safe supplement, one isn’t a supplement at all!

I was once that person who sold protein to vulnerable people like you.

In fact, I was responsible for making the supplements you’re consuming.

Trust me when I say that these companies look at you as ”fools.”

Not meaning to toot my own horn, but I know the industry inside out, I know what the people are like.

Let’s not forget, Although some companies are quite genuine and honest, but most of them are frankly deceiving, dream-stealing thieves trying to con as much money out of you as possible.

So learn how to use Protein effectively..â??

There is a time and place for protein, and when you know this, you will be relieved from protein guilt.

No more showing up at a friends house with a tub of Greek yoghurt and a chicken wrap, because you’re worried they won’t have any protein in their fridge when your watch alarm goes off (Seriously, this has happened!)

After you invest in “The Protein Myth” you’ll have built a strong armed defence against their deceiving, manipulating tactics

You’ll see through their lies and as I already mentioned, you’ll ultimately save a lot of money!

Hard to believe coming from the person advocating it?

But it’s true – Unfortunately… this book isn’t for everyone!

In fact, probably only about 5 or 6 out of every 100 viewers, reading this right now will actually end up purchasing the book

It’s simple – Either they’re ignorant, or they aren’t serious enough about their health, and they only want something to believe in..

It’s actually designed to turn you into a “smarter” gym goer – giving you an insight on the information that literally isn’t available anywhere else in the world

There won’t be a single person on earth qualified to give you the information you’ll get in this book. Regardless of where you studied under whom you studied.

Sure, there are a handful of academics and scientists who could EASILY give you this exact answer, but find one and then come back to me!

None of them will be willing to take time out of their busy schedules to actually sit down and give you an answer..

Because this is something that had taken me a few years to explain and can’t be done over a cup of tea I’m afraid.

You’ll become part of a very privileged group of “in the know” gym and fitness fanatics who want to know everything there is about their bodies.

Because it’s just as important to know how your body actually works before you decide in taking actionable steps for losing weight or building muscle.

â??Sounds about right??

How much money have you spent on extra protein in the last month or two? Remember, after reading this book, you won’t need to buy extra protein anymore because it’s not necessary! You’ll save money every single month for the rest of your life.

If you were to get those kinds of returns in a business you’d be living it large!

I’m not going to try and confuse you with research jargon you can’t understand. I wrote this book so that even someone without a science background could understand everything I reveal. Unlike many other research-based books (this book contains over 100 research studies to prove my point), you’ll actually be able to read this and understand what I’m talking about 🙂

Not only have I been figuring out ways to keep my fat percentage at its lowest, I’ve struggled to maintain muscle mass because I slacked protein in my diet as also doubted protein shakes for years, and guess what? I was right all along!

I have a detailed insight on protein, since I help sell it on large scale, so I guess I’m quite the expert when it comes to Protein.

100% Satisfaction

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you
don’t get the answer you was looking for by 60 days, just let me know on [email protected] and I’ll send you a prompt refund.

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Click here to get Discover The REAL Truth About Protein! – 'The Protein Myth' at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Discover The REAL Truth About Protein! – 'The Protein Myth' is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.