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Product Name: Dominate Online Poker eBook – How to Win at Online Poker

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Let us tell you some clear facts about the online poker world, to give you a good indication of the current situation, so that later on, you will fully understand the need to obtain the Dominate Online Poker Course…

Every month approximately 100.000 new fishy players join the online poker community, depositing their own money, yet unable to comprehend what it takes to consistently beat online poker. Suprisingly, this also counts for almost 90% of the existing online poker players: they do not develop their skills and keep playing in the dark…

Only a very small group (we call them the 10% poker shark group) DOES know what it takes to rake in pot after pot in cash games, and to reach final tables every time. This is because they have access to underground poker tactics and strategies and know about poker tools that make the game of online poker so easy to beat and so unfair in respect to the fishes they eat alive. We can deliver on the promise that you will immediately find yourself amongst these sharks and become an instant winner when you have fully consumed our Poker Course ..

“…Point is, when you read the Dominate Online Poker Course you’ll find out soon enough that online poker is not all about skill: it is playing with secret poker tools that separate the winners from the losers…”

‘…We urge you not to worry any longer about which table to sit at, having doubts about how to play AK, not knowing where you stand and making tough calls. The Poker Tools our poker course will reveal will take away these questions and guesses instantly. The only guess you’ll make in the future will be to guess how much you will win every day. If you are NOT CONVINCED that I speak the full truth and nothing but the truth, I strongly suggest you watch the screenshots below: you will see 100% proof why 10% of the online poker players take the money from all the losers thanks to these marvellous pieces of poker software…’

 In these screenshots you have seen plenty of poker software programs that simply represent the coming
of a new era in online poker. Suprisingly, these are not the only poker tools you will find inside the Dominate Online Poker Course. In fact, I daresay our e-book will reveal even more heartpounding poker tools. And of course, the Dominate Online Poker System is not JUST about describing which poker software you ought to get (although this is the most important part in the process of becoming a dominating online poker player) – our Poker Course also contains the following:

An introduction into winning online poker philosophy and a look into the future;Thrilling Online Cash Game, Sit and Go and Multi Table Tournament Tips and Strategies;Expert Poker Systems, Courses and Offers.

The fact is that revealing the most prodigious poker tools ever seen in the online poker world remains the biggest reason you should get the Dominate Online Poker Course

Our Poker System is a guide you simply cannot miss out on if you are not winning as much at online poker as you’d like to. It’s a guide that will show you amazing things, things you thought couldn’t be possible or true. But once you apply our strategies and use the poker tools we tell you to use, your poker profits will go sky high. 

 “…You Must Not Be 1 but 10 Steps AHEAD of Your Opponent…”

I once had a student who was a big loser at online poker – making bad calls, stupid bluffs and generally lacking discipline. He just couldn’t figure out the game of online poker. After purchasing our Poker Guide he gradually became a winning player, and after a couple of weeks even transformed into a hardcore winning player. The screenshots he has sent me (viewable to your right) show 100% ironclad proof.

The Poker Tools and Strategies we present to you will instantly transform even a total rookie into an expert, because it is not skill that forms the key to online poker domination – it is knowledge. Knowledge that will be available and presented to you by the Poker Tools we unveil inside our course. Poker is a game of limited knowledge, and the one who extracts the most knowledge out of the situations and events at the poker table will win. Now, extracting knowledge with your brain (which is the genuine practice of hardcore, old school skilled poker players) is NOT what you really need in online poker! It is proper usage of sophisticated poker software programs that analyze your online poker environement with unmatched power, precision and speed, which will ultimately lead to online poker domination.  

Without any hesitation in my voice, I can promise you the following – once you have gained access to our Dominate Online Poker Course:

You will be able to preselect poker tables with unprecedented power as you have tens of statistics on each poker table that you will find inside your poker room lobby. This way you will easily identify juicy tables and shark tables. Winning at online poker starts with taking the right seat as taking money from losers is more easy than beating winners.

After you have taken a seat, you will instantly have access to over 100 stats on each of the opponents you’re going to play against, even if you have never played against those guys before. You can view their hand history, know when they last played online, how much they bluff at the river and if they are generally losing or winning. If you know their historical playing style it becomes terribly easy to predict their future actions – whilst they are busy guessing yours.

“…He Who Possesses Knowledge of the Past and Present Can Predict The FUTURE…” 

You will never make a mathematical mistake at the poker table again. You’ll receive all the odds, outs, draw percentages, expected value indicator and playing advice within a second.

You will reach the money in sit and go’s every time as you’ll gain access to a database that has stored the historical poker tournament results of your opponents. Know how often they reach the money and at what limits they play.

Do you think I’m bluffing here? Do you really think I’m just saying this to get you to buy my e-book? Watch my promises turn into reality in a hidden poker video where you’ll get to see real-time footage of some of the poker tools that give you the abilities as described above.

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Instantly download the following 9 poker books by clicking on a link inside the e-book: Dan Harrington, Harrington on Holdem | David Sklansky, Theory of Poker | David Sklansky, Holdem Poker for Advanced Players | David Sklansky, No Limit Holdem Theory and Practice | Doyle Brunson, Super System 2 | Mathew Hilger, Internet Texas Holdem | Harroch and Krieger, Poker for Dummies | Barry Greenstein, Ace on the River | Intelligent Guide to Texas Holdem Poker


Watch Joris Dekkers in live action as he walks you through the most important hands and decisions he makes in two sit and go’s (a 20+2 and 50+5 sit and go at Titan Poker). This is exclusive material that is never shown before.

 These tutorial videos  have great educational video as they don’t necessarily show you how to win a particular sit and go but how to make the right decisions every time you play online poker and why you make those choices (with the help of poker software as well, though this is not the most important factor in the video). Of course it’s fun to watch a video and see a professional win but that’s not the point. The point is to carefully construct your thoughts as to WHY this professional poker player, Joris Dekkers, wins. Or put in other words: why he makes the choices he makes. Dekkers will carefully explain you the situation as he perceives it every time, and then let you be part of the decision making process which is one of the key components to become an online poker professional, besides playing with poker tools.

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Of course, our Dominate Online Poker System is the one and only guide to a succesful online poker career, but even our renowned poker course will have zero value if you don’t have a poker bankroll online. Without any starting money, you cannot take money from other players.

Ordering the
Dominate Online Poker Course

Personal Message from the Author J. Dekkers (No Limit Holdem Expert)

When I first started playing poker I had to deposit new money almost every week. I blew it all in cash games and I really could not comprehend why this was happening to me. I was amazed to see the same guys raking in pot after pot, day after day. I wasn’t a bad player, but I felt I had to make tough decisions a lot against these guys and mostly I didn’t make the right ones. But then I did extensive research on the question of why it was always the same people winning at online poker. 

I came to realise this was not because they were inherently better poker players. Instead, the difference between them and me (and all the other ignorant fish just playing their cards) is that they had awesome poker software with which they could preselect tables, draw up accurate statistics on all their opponents and calculate odds so perfectly that they never had to make tough decisions for themselves. Of course, this is the dream of all poker players.

I mean, poker is a game of incomplete information because the hand of your opponent is not revealed before or during the game. The key is to guess the handstrength of your opponent(s) so you can make the correct decision during play. Most players at online poker use their own mind to construct all sorts of knowledge (and emotion) in order to make a correct decision (reading players, calculating odds and outs, mental state, intuition etc.) and so did I. But as you know, the human brain is not capable of making 100% correct decision, as other things (emotion, sleep, boredom etc) interrupt the process of logical thinking . This fact rules in definite favour of using poker tools that help you in the decision process. And the Poker Tools I found and describe in the Dominate Online Poker e-Book are so revolutionairy that the decision process that most of the time is hard in poker will become very easy instantly. The consequence? You will no longer be in any doubt, make bad decisions or throw your mouse away due to a bad beat. 

All you do is count your daily winnings, something I began doing as well when I start playing with these poker tools, and something I am still doing. Meanwhile I set up this guide to share all the knowledge I gained from 5 year extensive online poker experience (both at nl tournaments and cash games, both low and high stakes).

Me and Texas Holdem Legend Doyle Brunson at a Conference in Barcelona

It is not my intention to make lots of money by selling this ebook, but I had to set a price on it: if my poker system were free, soon everyone would know how to dominate online poker – and that wouldn’t make much sense!

At your online poker domination service,

“…All Succesful People In This World First Took A Risk and Made Investments Before They Could Harvest. With Poker, It’s Just The Same…”

What do we guarantee you when you order the Dominate Online Poker System + The Complete Bonus Package?

 What do other users say about the Dominate Online Poker Course?

Andy Depuis, California [US]: ” The Dominate Online Poker System is the greatest guide on no limit holdem online poker. I’ve been reading lots of poker books, both on no limit and limit, both on live and online poker but Joris Dekkers seems to be the only one really familiar in the online poker world. All the underground poker programs and strategies out there are published in his book, making it really worth reading. Joris, once again many thanks for your years of research: it has brought me fortunes and all I had to was sign up at a poker room! It’s a money making system. I’m already telling my friends about this great oppurtunity.”

“It’s a Money Making Poker System”

Graham Pittney, Oxford [UK] :  “I was searching on Google for a great poker system and Google brought me to this website. Well, I’m still happy for that. Up until I bought and read the Dominate Online Poker E-Book, I didn’t realize that poker tools such as those presented in this e-book existed. I immediately realized that, all this time, I had been playing in the dark. I had played limit holdem 1/2 on Titan Poker for over 2 years. I always made decisions based on feelings and reads. But now I play with the poker tools and pot odds calculators promoted in the e-book and it has drastically changed my game. I am now making a couple of thousands a month, beating the mid limit game constantly.”

“I immediately realized that, all this time,
I had been playing in the dark”

Kevin Davencourt (Auckland, Australia): “A Poker Course that shows you how to preselect tables and receive hundreds of stats on each opponents you play against? A Poker System that hands over tournament poker tools that give you instant access to historical player results and poker calculators that just do all the math for you? Of course I bought the Dominate Online Poker Course. Heck, I even love this system more than my wife!”

Mark Verheijen, Amsterdam [NL] Ik heb een aantal maanden lang gespeeld op Everest Poker. Ik speelde vrij hoog, 2/4 No limit. Ik heb tijdenlang gespeeld met Poker Tracker om informatie te krijgen over mijn tegenstanders. Maar ik ergerde me aan het feit dat ik alleen informatie had over diegene tegen wie ik al eerder had gespeeld. Ook wist ik niet goed welke tafels juicy waren en welke niet. De poker tools die Joris Dekkers naar voren brengt in zijn poker system waren precies wat ik zocht. Zijn e-book is in die zin revolutionair. Ik selecteer nu tafels en heb statistieken van mijn opponenten zonder dat ik ooit tegen ze gespeeld heb. Dit bevoorrecht me. Ook zijn tips en strategieën voor online cash game play en bankroll management hebben me goed geholpen. Bij deze hoop ik iedereen die er over nadenkt dit e-book te nemen over de streep te trekken!

Dan Rogers, [Scotland] I’m not really a big spender and I’m not rich at all, so I was kind of hesitating to buy this course. I was very certain of the fact this course was good stuff, but I just don’t earn 14.99 dollars every day meaning I cannot throw away money. After emailing Joris himself he explained to me that not only inside the free poker bankroll guide i would find at least 14.99 dollars in no deposit bonuses back (free poker bankroll, not casino bonus money such as at Online Casino Guide where you can find the best online casinos to play at offering the best online casino bonuses, reviews and much more, but also with this Poker System my winnings would be much bigger than they used to be. I took his word and after I bought the course I can now easily say he was 100% right: im following all his poker rules. Thanks for being honest Joris. Now I realize how valuable some of these poker tools are, I would even have payed 650 dollars for this poker course as i now play poker full time instead of no download poker and earn way more with it per day than this course cost me! A friend who once ran a german poker site without a good system you will definitely lose in the long run.

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Click here to get Dominate Online Poker eBook – How to Win at Online Poker at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Dominate Online Poker eBook – How to Win at Online Poker is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.