Dragon dot My is Back…

After I’ve abandoned the site for about 4 months, then today I repair the database back to the original. Previously I receive compaint that the site was too slow to surf and so I change to use other web application. But the installation for the new web application has failed and causing me to isolate this site from my life for awhile.

Then today after four months I’ve abandon this site, then I make it came back. Dragon dot My – Malaysia first for charity free Classifieds. This site is still the same as what I make it. It is for raising funds to help those who needs help. Then I’ve email Jabatan Kebajikan Malaysia again as previously I’ve never receive any response from them (JKM Sabah).

Hope this time they are insterested to give the site run legally so that it will be able to serve people and help those who needs it. In my latest email to them, I’ve also asked feedback from them about the site and I hope I get their feedback and could do improvement sooner.

By the way, to load the site it actually is time consuming. Some of the script is quite heavy and some of the pictures need to be reduced. I’ve known the problem long before but it’s just the matter of time that I am not able to reconfigure it. If by last time the other web application for Dragon dot my is able to run, we actually will have another light version of free classifieds.

But what to do, I only could do some minor changed and if there is some fatal error, I would likely not able to fix it. Anyway I will learn to improve this. In the future I’d like to write my own php for this site. Just in case i not able to write it, hiring a freelancer would be quite a good thing too (but it’s expensive).

So, as for now I just let the site to run as notmal. I will make changes sooner after I finish my examination (but still, I cannot promise this as there is internship coming).

For those who have the same heart to help those who needs it, if you got experience in making a joomla website, please suggest me the lightest template or maybe you can design one. If you still interested to help out, then just post something that you want to sell over there.

In the future,  there is a lot of planning that need to be done for this website. Hope you could support me too..

Please visit the site at http://www.dragon.my

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