Dragon dot My

I’ve just finish Dragon dot My, thanks to Joomla, and all the templates, components, modules, pluginsĀ  and graphics provider that i manage to finish this site.

Dragon dot My

This is an online community site for Malaysian. Currently Dragon dot My is providing for charity free classifieds ads to Malaysian.

Dragon dot My held some events with a target of fund to raised and a target charity house or society. For example Charity Event #X the fund to raised is RM3000 and will be donated to Orphanage House Kuala Lumpur. The fund raised came from the banner that was bought by donators.

I’m still waiting for approval from Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Malaysia for this website to held it’s charity events. Anyway you can start use this free service.

I guess there is a lot of things i need to add in this site, anyway It is ok with the classifieds services now. I’ll be working on inviting people when school holidays ends.

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