Such a nice name is it. I am still thinking what kind of website i going to make for Dragon.my. There is a few ideas came to my mind but everything just not a good idea. Lots of things to be done for it.

Anyway right now I installed Joomla 1.5 inside. I suppose that I need to work a lot on this Joomla thing. It is not really an easy task but there is a lot of components to help out there in making the idea came true.

Few weeks ago while having exam, I just write something that i want to make out of it. I want to host WordPress Multiple Blog inside but when I look on the requirements few days back, WPMu needed its own dedicated server to run, considering that it host a lot of blogs and so it will use a big sum of resources. So shared environment just not good for it.

This is when i came to the idea of using Joomla. I not sure what am i going to make later on but for sure, Joomla looks quite hard for me. Maybe I just need to put a little effort to make things works and hope it can be done as soon as possible.

Few days back, I was doing www.TopBroker.asia, a free Real Estate listing for Asia. I successfully finish it yesterday night with editing lots of the template and installing some addon. So right now, it is live but for me it is stil Beta version. About the promotion, I am still thinking what I suppose to do. Right now, finish all the website and choose 1 website to promote.

Whoaa..Waiting for the day for all the site to be finish.

About dragon.my if you have any ideas, please comment me.

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