End and Start

It’s been about 9 days my exam ends. I remember in that period I use almost all my energy to study. With it, I hope that things will gone better than previously.
By the way, the end of exam means the starts of my Internship. Having holidays about a week, then I have to go to Keningau sought for the knowledge in the mill. This is my first time experience working with people in a real life working experience. Before I’ve always wanted to work but lots of other things did attracted me especially my footprint in the internet.
I guess other than the topic that i will always talk, I’ll start to add up a spice of my internship in Desa Kim Loong Sdn Bhd Keningau Sabah. It would not be a really interesting stuff but this will actually be a guide for those who will have internship in this place later on.
Not to worry, I’ll try my best to make the whole thing become interesting so that this won’t be a waste of time for you to read my blog. In addition to that, I guess I’m not allowed to share about the environment inside the factory itself so don’t hope too much for a picture.
So for now, the journey to educate myself in the factory will start here. Wish me for luck and extra energy so that I could write something on this blog.

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