End Of Exam

Today was the end of Exam..Then this will be the best day for this semester.. I can say, “Hey.. I’m back, you’ve been long waiting for post from Me ya..I’ll Post something great soon..”

Holiday means a lot to me as there is a lot of things can be done. I was not the sort of person who like to sit infront of TV and watch movie but I just like to see something to be done and there is some interesting to look about it. So like before, I’m making my holiday with lots of things to do..

Things to be done this 1 and a half months Holiday..

  1. Blog – Yeah not to forgot about my favourite blog.. I like all the thing I like to talk about here..Some might be crap and some is something important..
  2. ChESC.net – I have to finish this website..Lots of scripting need to be done.. Need to edit it.
  3. 17 secret website need to do… I wonder what kind of website will came into my mind.. Thanks to CMS that make this life easy..
  4. Travel – Never to forget this, I’ll travel around Sabah and let you see lots of interesting stuff about Sabah..Hope I can make at least 5 Town this time.
  5. Flash Movie – This is one of the project need to be done..
  6. Go Fish Pond – My fish is waiting for me back in my hometown

I guess there is more to be done.. But before that, Let me do something first…

Sleep… ~ZZzzz…Keep My updates ya…ZZZzzzz…

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