Final Exam Fever

Wow..Final Exam is Coming in a week..Then I’ll have to hell myself. XD … When talking about exam, this are a few things that happen..

Study Table
Study Table

I think around thie was the first ime i have the book open in front of me at home.. I usually spent my time doing something else on the net for example my project (unpaid project) and some assignment.


Then You can see this other table outside my room. It is untidy all the time as there is where i put my books.

As exam are coming, I will postpone my current project (I never mention it but will show it as soon i finish) and my blogging rate will become more slower. If you notice before this My blog rate was 2~3 article per day but it has been decreasing to 1 per day until no 1 per 2 days. I think it will become more slower in this 3 weeks. Anyway I still hope google bot will “goog” or “googling” around here and my readers will wait for my updates later on.

Talking about the coming exam, my paper will be;
3rd of November 2008 – Mass Transfer 9-12 am and Instrumentation Midterm 2-4pm
5th of November 2008 – Environmental 2-5pm
6th of November 2008 – Instrumentation 9-12am
10th of November 2008 – Numerical Methods 9-12am
13th of November 2008 – Accounting for Engineers 9-12am
13th of November 2008 – Free Yahoo! 12.00:01 …

My schedule not to pack right.. But there is a lot need to read. For now I want to let out all the craps inside my brain so that there will be more space for the subject that i need to prepare for my exam. Exam is around the corner.. Wish me luck..

*p/s this kind of a diary is it..Haha..If yes sorry for that..I’ll make this blog better next time and not space about myself..Thanks for reading..

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