Fishing at Yayasan Sabah bridge

Weekend was the day that we have lots of our  free time, and for me weekend actually start from Friday night to Sunday evening. For this weekend, I spend my Friday night going for fishing as I feel to do something different that night.

My gadget for fishing this time is my fishing rod, and my fishing toolbox filled with fishing hooks, and clips. And my bait is  ‘Ikan Basung’.

I went out for fishing around 10PM and the place was at the parking lot just near Sabah Port. The parking lot is a suitable place for fishing as the place where I park my car is 5 meters away from the Sea. By the time I was there I saw some people around and there is few other people was fishing.

By the way, bad news for me, I did not catch any fish on that place. So I did not know what kind of fish that I might get there.

As I was fishing there for 2 hours and did not get anything, then I make decision to change my fishing place. I move around 5 Kilometers from the city near to Yayasan Sabah building. Before the Yayasan Sabah buillding, there is a bridge which I did not know its name but I named it as Yayasan  Sabah Bridge.

Before I reach the bridge, I saw around 10 peoples was fishing. Then I park my car at the roadside just after the bridge and bring my fishing tools to the bridge. On that place itself, there is a few nice spot to unpack your tools which is on the bridge and below the bridge which there is some place you can sit. But for me, I choose to be on the bridge as going down to the place below is quite far.

I unpack my tools, then wait for the fish to eat my bait. Few bites from the fish had really increase my fishing spirits. Then after sometimes later, I was able to catch some fish. Around 3AM, I manage to went back home and rest.

For me, the feeling of getting the fish itself was so amazing. And actually it is usually depending on your luck whether you will be able to get a small or big fish.

By the way, just want to remind you. If you went for fishing especially at night, your safety should be your most priority. As for me, I went to the place with peoples around. So be sure to bring friends or if you are alone, don’t go to a place without people.

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