Google Bar code

Today if you visit you will be able to see the logo of google was changed to bar code.  Google was actually celebrating the anniversary of the bar code which was patented on 7th of October 1952.


This special date was coincides with the announcement of the joint winners of the Nobel prize for physics, who had contribute in inventing “Charge-coupled devices” to read bar codes. The inventors are Charles Kuan Kao, George Smith and Willard Boyle.

The Charge-coupled devices or CCD is a silicon based integrated circuit that converts light energy into an electronic charge. With this technology it has bring the digital imaging technology to a higher level. Some of the application that we can see today was in digital cameras, endoscopy, desktop videoconferencing, fax machines, CCTV cameras and lots more.

If you notice, Google had been celebrating some of the world historic day especially those that had change our life a lot such as the bar code invention. With the celebration, we are able to learn a lot of important dates and important invention.  I Hope google will show us more of it and I can’t wait for the next important dates that google going to highlight.

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