Green Screen Technology

It’s been few days I’ve been wondering around the net searching for the Green Screen technology. Green Screen technology that I mean is the software with the functionality of Chroma Key.

Thanks to google that i manage to find until the name that they called chroma key. With chroma key you will be able to create a picture or a movies such like in Harry Potter, LOTR and much more movies that is outside our real life boundary. With this technology we are able to make a highly integrated graphic movies by only screening in the green screen or green room.

I’m actually searching for this software just to make a fake pictures out of a person. It is actually really helpful and quite an awsome technology. I guess, if you are pro in using this technology, you can make money out of it.

By the way, about this Chroma Key software, I’ve only found a few softwares in the net. You might find some here. As i’m a freeware and Open Source lover, so I prefer searching and searching until i found one.

Hope i can find one soon. Or maybe a extension for adobe cs3 would be great.

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  1. I’m still finding the information about this Green Screen for picture. Right now only got the mac and movie greenscreen. Thats why my info in not enough.. You can know the technology is different than the one you mean. Maybe a misconception. sorry for that.

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