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They have a lack of knowledge of correct training techniques and methods (They simply don’t know how to train!)

They don’t eat and supplement their bodies the right way (Nutrition)

We provide athletes with the correct training principles and techniques needed to increase the vertical jump

We train every single aspect of jump training. We don’t just focus on just one or two, instead, we focus our efforts on every single factor that leads to a high vertical jump (There are 7 critical factors in jump training)

Get The Bounce Guide here RISK FREE. I stand by my product and I’m so confident in it that I offer a 60 Day money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your results just let us know and we will return your money no questions asked.

I’m Momir, creator of The Bounce Guide. I was born an average jumper and had dreams of throwing down big dunks in games. I always wanted to captivate the crowd with my jumping ability and unfortunately, I wasn’t very gifted genetically.

I became obsessed with training my vertical jump. I tried every program I could get my hands on and I finally realized that everything out there, for the most, was a gimmick and never delivered the results promised/I wanted.

I took matters into my own hands and through trial and error came up with the correct training principles that increased my vertical jump.

I went from being a 6”4’ guy that could barely dunk to throwing down powerful windmills and between the legs dunks. I started dunking on EVERYONE. People started calling me a freak athlete.

I posted a profile picture on Facebook of me catching an alley-oop from half court and dunking it over someone. These are the comments that people left under that profile picture

The vertical jump is the most important athletic skill of any other skill an athlete can have. The guys playing in the pros have MASSIVE vertical jumps. The guys that get scholarships to play ball in college have INSANE jumping ability. If you can’t jump high you will get looked over by college scouts. I know 10+ guys I used to play with that literally got a scholarship because they’d throw down a monster dunk in a game. After the game the scout that was in attendance would tell the head coach who would then call the player to offer a scholarship.

I am not kidding this is actually how it happens.

What if you don’t have a high vertical jump?

If you don’t have a high vertical but are still a really good player in high school (average 20+ ppg) then you still NEED to invest in jump training.

Trust me I’ve played college ball and I know what college coaches think.

See – if you’re very good but can’t jump high then you will have a low chance of locking down a scholarship. This is because coaches will think that you are doing fine against less athletic competition
in high school but in college when everyone is jumping 40 + inches you will struggle and get dominated.

These coaches aren’t wrong.

A high vertical jump is the result of a ton of lower body strength and your ability to use that strength quickly.

So guys that have tons of strength in their legs and can apply that strength quickly will jump high.

Well this is also the reason guys run fast and this determines how quick someone is.

Are you saying that people who jump high are also super quick and fast?

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying and people who don’t jump high are slow.

Nobody wants to recruit a slow player. A slow player can’t play defense and can’t keep up with his man.
Trust me, everybody playing in college and the NBA is fast. Some faster than others but all those guys are fast and can jump high.

So if you can’t jump high but can shoot really well and dribble real well then you still WILL NOT get recruited to play in college.There’s just no way because if you can’t jump coaches will see you as a guy that will be a BIG liability on defense.

I hope that got through because it is the absolute truth and the reason why EVERY athlete needs to invest into training their jump ability and speed.

When I tell people this they almost always say what about Steph Curry? Steph Curry doesn’t jump high and he is one of the best players in the world.

I love this question. Here my answer every single time I’m asked:

Steph Curry can’t jump like Russell Westbrook.

Steph can’t jump as high as Lebron James.

Steph Curry can’t jump higher than the majority of NBA players.

This is all 100% true, however, it doesn’t mean that Steph Curry can’t jump high. Compared to those guys it looks like he’s a ground bound player that can’t dunk to save his life. However, you should go to Youtube and search up “Steph Curry Windmill” or “Steph Curry Sick 360 Dunk”. He’s 6”3’ and pulling off some pretty impressive dunks. How many guys do you know in your high school leagues that were 6”3’ and could do those dunks?

My point is that compared to other NBA players Steph can’t jump very high but he by no means has a low vertical jump! He can still jump high and if he couldn’t he wouldn’t be as good as he is.

Investing in vertical jump training is an investment that I always recommend athletes make.

You WILL become a better player. The game will come easier and you’ll give yourself a chance to play at the next level.

All testimonials on this site are 100% real. If you’d like, shoot me an email and I’ll get you in touch with any one of the people that have left me a testimonial. Every single one of the guys/gals that have left me a testimonial have said they’d be more than happy to talk to anyone interested in hearing from them.

Hi Momir, I’d like to ask you if I should be training when I’m really sore? I can barely walk today and it’s day 5 of week 6 so I have a plyo workout but don’t feel up for it at all. Please let me know what I should do. Also, I’ve gained 8 inches in 6 weeks now. This is crazy….can’t wait to keep at it. I went from touching the rim barely to dunking two hands… lol seriously?

Hey! Remember me lmao? I was asking you what’s wrong after I didn’t gain an inch the first two weeks… You told me to settle down and keep training which I did and I’M DUNKING NOW. I think it’ been like 11 weeks or something I had to take a break on week 9 cause the fam and I went to Jamaica for a vaca. BTW I’m 38 years old and have never dunked in my life so this is unreal. My rec league opponents better watch out!

Don’t worry about it! I know you are just trying to push me to do my best and I was being super hard headed. Sorry for the late reply also. I wanted to wait until my rest days were over to contact you back. Guess what?! I gained like 4 inches during my rest week. Wtf how’s that happen? I feel like it’s cause I was overtraining and allowed my muscles to rest and get stronger. Tell me though I wanna know!

I feel like I’m not the typical trainee of yours so I was super hesitant to email you 3 months ago and ask you for tips. I’m sure glad I did though! I just finished the program you set me up with and feel sooo much stronger and faster. I can also touch net! My club team tryouts are coming up and I’m more confident than ever!
Should I continue training like this once my club practices start or should I lay off for a while?

So I just started the program two weeks ago and can jump 4 inches
Is it because I’m recruiting all those dormant muscle fibers now that I’m doing proper training?

Love the program. It’s tough but I’m seeing results. I never measured my vertical jump but I went from grabbing rim to dunking in just 5 weeks. So cool. Gotta get back to training though.

Ethan here! Just want to say that you keep motivating me to do better and better and I love it!!!
I’ll hit you up later and show you all my improvements.

AYYYYYYY finally slammed down a dunk! So pumped I couldn’t wait to come home and tell you. Thanks Momir for all the help over the last month. I really appreciate it.

You will increase it by a significant amount. I guarantee your satisfaction or your money back. If you are younger (18 and younger) then you’re most likely going to see a MASSIVE increase in vert. I just got done training two 15 year olds (Sophomores in high school) and they both increased their vert a ton in 12 weeks. One went from being able to barely dunk two hands to doing 360s, tomahawks, and dunking in games. The other could barely touch the rim and he started throwing down two hand dunks. If you are older 18+ and can’t dunk but can get close, then you will probably start being able to throw down dunks in games. You’ll be surprised by how quickly inches get added on when you are doing the proper type of training. If you want me to asses how much you will increase your vertical jump in 12 weeks – then feel free to contact me with a video of yourself jumping and I’ll give you a rough estimate.

For one – I’ve done it myself. I’ve taken my vertical jump from about 24 inches to 45 inches. I literally made myself a freak athlete. I wasn’t born a jumping machine and I was never the highest jumper on any of my teams. However, I became obsessed with vertical jump training and I found out everything that it took to increase your leaping ability. I went from being an average jumper to a guy that can throw down windmills and between the legs dunks.

The second reason on why I’m/The Bounce Guide is different is because we focus on how to do certain exercises and not what exercises to do.I’ll be honest – there are really no secret exercises out there. However, there are a select few exercises that are KING in jump training and no other exercise compares. The Bounce Guide has you do these exercises but also focuses on how you do them. You’ll find out exactly what I mean – there are certain things you MUST focus on if you are going to have the best training program possible. And guess what? I haven’t met anyone that knows about these principles or how important it is to incorporate them into your program.

No way. Lifting weights will not stunt your growth. That is just a myth. I grew up to be pretty tall (6”4’) and I’ve been lifting weights since I was 13 years old. There’s also a ton of research out there that proves it doesn’t stunt your growth.In fact there are some published research articles out there that suggest that it may even promote growth.

100% safe. We focus on lifting with proper form and we don’t do any high-risk exercises. In fact, after you have completed the 12 weeks your body will be so much stronger that risk of injury decreases. The exercises we do will strengthen the muscles around your knees and also strengthen your ankles – making it a lot tougher to roll an ankle or get a devastating knee injury.

Absolutely. I will be there the whole journey and make sure you guys succeed. All you have to do is shoot me an email and I’ll get back within 24 hours(usually around 8-10 hours)

The Bounce Guide has been tested on 100s of athletes. I’ve been helping people increase their vertical jump for 8 years now and it never fails to amaze. Everyone is always surprised with their results. Everyone is also always surprised that they have never been taught the correct training principles.

We do both weightlifting and plyometrics. The combination of the two is a POWERFUL and synergistic combination.You should always do BOTH weightlifting and plyometric training when training your vertical jump.

Absolutely. This is actually one of the best things about our training. You’re first step will become unstoppable and you’ll blow by defenders with ease.

No, no special equipment needed.

You’ll have immediate access to The Bounce Guide.

Yes, nutrition is essential and we cover nutrition in depth. You’ll know exactly how you should be eating/what supplements you should be taking.

Of course it does. Girls are my favorite to train because how often do you see a girl basketball player or athlete that can jump high? It’s very rare. Imagine increasing your vertical jump by a significant amount as a girl. You’ll stand out so much! You’ll be head and shoulders above your competition, this is why training girls is my favorite cause you can really create freak athletes out of them.

We can’t wait to hear your success story and see videos/pics of you dunking and jumping higher. So be sure to keep us posted and email us with any videos or progress updates. And never hesitate to ask us any questions you may have. We’re here for you every step of the way.

Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

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Click here to get Home-The Bounce Guide at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Home-The Bounce Guide is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.