Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition

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Product Name: Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition

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IMPORTANT: When You Read This Letter Carefully – Youâ??re Gonna Discover How to Get All 3 of Those Thingsâ?¦ Rock-Hard, Super Long Lasting Erections, and Truly Huge Loads…

Dear friend who wants Rock-Hard Erections, and a Rock-Star Sex-Life,

“Women Love Rock-Hard, Long Lasting Erections, and HUGE Loads!”

In this letter youâ??re gonna discover a secret that can transform the quality your sex-lifeâ?¦

By arming you with erections so STRONG, they give you unbreakable sexual confidenceâ?¦

And the ability to screw any woman so DEEP, and so HARDâ?¦

The orgasms you give her will be of an intensity that cause her to end up hopelessly addicted to you. Foreverâ?¦

Regardless of your physical appearanceâ?¦

Regardless of your ageâ?¦

And, even if youâ??re smaller than average â??down there.â??

How do I know this to be true?

Because I use the exact same secret youâ??re gonna discover in this letter. And, it allows me to go at it for as long as I like, whenever I likeâ?¦

For instance, a while back I dated this girl who was a stripper, and a modelâ?¦

She had a smile that could give you a â??semiâ??â?¦

Big tits, a firm arse, and toned legs.

All that stripping sure had whipped her into shape.

Anyhow, first night I meet her sheâ??s telling me how nothing less than a 10 inch dick can SATISFY herâ?¦ and how sheâ??s always dated â??BIGâ?? guys.

I donâ??t have 10 inches. Letâ??s face itâ?¦ not many guys do!

By the end of it she couldnâ??t walk.

She tried to get up off the bed – and her legs just gave out from under her.

She had to lie there, in a puddle of her own â??Love Juices,â?? for at least 30 minutes. Until she stopped shaking uncontrollably.

She whispered some wonderful words in my ear:

â??Holy crap. You’re something else Adam. Youâ??re a freakinâ?? animal. A BEAST.â?

Years ago, I actually had â??Erectile Dysfunctionâ?? as a teenager! Yet today, years laterâ?¦

Red-Hot, beautiful women describe me as â??an ANIMALâ?? in the bedroom!

And, this change has come about because of the secret youâ??re gonna discover in this letterâ?¦

But, letâ??s not get ahead of ourselves.

Right now, I need to ask you a question:

Look. This isnâ??t a joke.

I can show you a secret thatâ??ll give you a level of sexual performance that is quite frankly mind-blowing.

When you use this secret, youâ??ll be able to:

Now, you might think all of this sounds great.

When You Get a â??Super-Cockâ?? – You Get A LOT of Sex!â?

Yet, thereâ??s a downsideâ?¦

And, before you get busy and read this entire letter – I need to check youâ??re comfortable with â??the downside.â??

Most men these days, especially guys over 30, are struggling to â??Get Hard & Stay Hard.â??

This means that when you OWN THE POWER to â??Get Hardâ?? anytime you like – and you can â??Stay Hardâ?? long enough to screw a womanâ??s brains outâ?¦

Women will become addicted to you. Completely addicted.

You might think this sounds AWESOME.

But, it can be a problem. Think about itâ?¦

You wanna hang out with your buddies – she wants you to â??take her.â??

You wanna watch the game – she wants you to â??make-love.â??

You wanna go to sleep – she wants you to keep her up all night long.

Honestly, once you give a woman GREAT SEX – thatâ??s it. They become INSANE. They just want sex from you all the time.

If youâ??re singleâ?¦ itâ??s even worse!

Well, you go out on a date – and, at the end of the night, you BANG the chick. Youâ??re not even that into her – but now sheâ??s addicted to you. Obsessed with youâ?¦

Probably wants to marry youâ?¦.

Sheâ??s texting you all day longâ?¦ sending you pictures of her pussy and titsâ?¦ BEGGING YOU, like some silly needy school girl, to take her out againâ?¦

All because you had the hardest, longest lasting erection sheâ??s ever experienced. And, you banged her so good it brought tears to her eyes.

Then, the same thing happens on Friday night, Saturday nightâ?¦

And the following week on Tuesday.

Great. Now you have 4 chicks into youâ?¦ fighting for your attention.

You might be reading this thinking:

Several years back I went on the biggest â??Sex Spreeâ?? of my life. I kid you notâ?¦

In 28 days, I slept with 12 different women.

What followed was the WORST month of my life.

Well, itâ??d take a freakinâ?? week to tell you everything that happened. But, basically – these chicks just wouldnâ??t leave me aloneâ?¦

One night, I ended up in a nightclub with one of these girls, only to discover 2 of the others were in there as well!

3 red-hot girls, ripping each others hair out, in the middle of a night club.

Jesus Christ. Talk about a hassle.

Iâ??m telling you this to be straight and up front with you.

When you get a â??Super Cockâ?? – you end up being treated like a King among Boys. And, sure – it has itâ??s benefits.

But, it can also have itâ??s drawbacks.

â??Are you sure you want a Super Cock?â?

If youâ??re nodding youâ??re head – saying â??Hell Yesâ? – and youâ??re already fantasising about having more sex in a night than most LOSERS get in a weekâ?¦

Last night was goodâ?¦

My girlfriend and I â??got it onâ?? 3 times.

This might seem like no big deal. But, itâ??s not easy to have sex 3 times in a night when you have 2 kids under 3 years old!

Anyhow, we got the kids to bed – and then we â??did the nasty.â??

As ever these days, I was hard-as-steel the entire timeâ?¦

And, I screwed her so good I lost count of how many times she climaxed. In the end, it was just like one giant ORGASM – she was pretty much cumming the entire time.

Sure, her pussy was sore-as-hell afterwards – but she LOVES it.

And, since I was up for a 4th round – but she was too sore for more intercourseâ?¦ she â??sucked me offâ?? into her pretty little mouth.

See, thatâ??s just how women treat you when you have a Super-Cock – theyâ??ll do anything you desire. And, theyâ??ll go out of there way to give you PLEASURE.

It was my girlfriend who came up with the title: â??Super Cock.â??

Now, you might think I was just born luckyâ?¦

One of those guys who has always been able to â??Get Hard, Stay Hardâ?? and screw women like a BOSS.

Yet, nothing could be further from the truthâ?¦

In fact, from the age of 16-20 – my â??sex-lifeâ?? was a nightmareâ?¦

Because, even though I didnâ??t have much trouble making women attracted to meâ?¦ I had A LOT of problems â??Getting It Up.â??

Pains me to say it – but I had pretty bad â??Erectile Dysfunction.â??

I remember being at this party one time, and despite there only being 10 girls there – and 40 or 50 guys – I ended up in the bathroom with this red-hot chick.

She could have had ANY guy she wantedâ?¦

And, most of the guys there would have gladly sold a Kidney to sleep with her!

So there we are, in the bathroomâ?¦

Iâ??m kissing herâ?¦ Iâ??ve got my hands down her pantsâ?¦ sheâ??s DRIPPING WET and moaning cuz Iâ??ve got my fat fingers inside herâ?¦

And, the whole thing just really couldn’t have been any better.

She whispers in my ear, real seductive:

â??I wanna taste you Adamâ? â?¦

Then undoes my pants, whips out my cock, and blows me.

Now, you might think that sounds fantasticâ?¦ and, it should have beenâ?¦

Only trouble was – I couldnâ??t get a proper HARD-ON!

After about 10 minutes, the whole thing got so damn awkward, we gave up.

I could tell you another 10 or 15 stories, similar to that, from my teenage years!

I missed out on so much sex, it was unbelievable. And, it wasnâ??t because chicks didnâ??t like me. But, rather – because a lot of the time, I couldnâ??t â??Get It Up.â??

â??If You Canâ??t â??Get It Up,â?? and Satisfy Her – Sooner or Later, She Might Cheat On Youâ?

Well, the truth is that in my early 20â??s – I figured out that my teenage â??Erectile Dysfunctionâ?? had been MENTALâ?¦

Because I never had a problem â??Getting It Upâ?? and masturbating. The problem only ever happened when I was with a woman.

Clearly – there wasnâ??t anything wrong with me PHYSICALLYâ?¦

My â??Erectile Dysfunctionâ?? was a mental thing.

Now, in my early 20â??s, having fixed my â??erection issuesâ?? – I enjoyed a lot of sex. With a variety of women.

To be honest – at that time in my lifeâ?¦ I was pretty damn happy with how things were going SEXUALLY.

Iâ??d gone from having a LIMP DICKâ?¦

To â??getting laidâ?? often.

However. As good as my sex-life was, by my mid-20â??s – I was struggling in other ways.

You see, I was working in the property gameâ?¦

And, although I was earning good money – I HATED itâ?¦

It didnâ??t fulfil me, and it was getting me down. Heck, if Iâ??m being honest – at times I felt depressed.

I turned to junk food – becoming what you might call â??a Sugar Addict.â??

And, by 25 – I ended up in hospital with a bleeding stomach ulcer*.

(*Iâ??ll spare you the gory details – just know that the ulcer was NO FUNâ?¦ and was caused by a mixture of the stress of doing a job I hated, and my diet, which, at the time – was appalling).

Now, through a weird series of events, I ended up meeting a guy, who to this day, is one of my best friends – Simon.

Early on in our friendship, Simon and I went out one night – to chat about â??Manâ??s Stuffâ?? – and pick-up some girlsâ?¦

We didnâ??t actually end up chatting to any girls that nightâ?¦

Instead, I ended up telling Simon everything Iâ??d figured out in my early 20â??s about how to improve sexual performance – and give women massive pleasure in the bedroom.

And, he then went on to explain to me how I could turn my knowledge into â??information productsâ?? – like eBooks, Audio and Video Courses.

â??Help guys improve their sex-lives, by sharing my knowledge with them. And, I could earn a living in the processâ?

Thatâ??s exactly what I now do!

The interesting part, as far as youâ??re probably concerned, is how I got from Day 1 in â??the teach guys about â??women and sexâ?? businessâ?â?¦ to where I am todayâ?¦

One of the Worldâ??s most respected â??Sex Expertsâ?? – and the co-creator of probably the most powerful male sexual performance enhancer known to man!

Lemme tell you the storyâ?¦

When I first got into the business of teaching guys how to â??be better in bedâ?? – I focused on the â??how to give women ORGASMSâ?? side of thingsâ?¦

I WRONGLY assumed that Iâ??d been the only guy in the world who had ever had problems â??getting it upâ?? and â??keeping it upâ??â?¦

So, I figured the â??giving women orgasms stuffâ?? would be of more interest to more men.

A couple years after starting out teaching guys how to give women orgasms – I brought out my first program dedicated to helping guys:

â??Get Hard, Stay Hard and Blow Bigger Loadsâ??

And, it revolutionised my businessâ?¦

Because, I ended up selling tens of thousands of copies of The Huge Load Formula.

This all taught me a valuable lesson:

There were 1,000X as many guys interested in learning how to â??Get Hard and Stay Hard,â?? as there were guys wanting advice on how to give women ORGASMS.

Anyhow, all of this gave me a unique place in the marketâ?¦

Because guys started to see me as â??The Go-To Guyâ?? for BOTH â??Get Hard, Stay hardâ?? info, and â??give women orgasmsâ?? stuff.

I think my no bullshit, straight-talking attitude also helped – but Iâ??ll let you be the judge of that! 😉

â??Wanna Get Hard, and Have Great Sex with Your Woman? Keep Reading to Find Out Howâ?¦â?

You might think all this sounds fantasticâ?¦

Iâ??d ditched the job I HATED, in the property game.

Iâ??d recovered my health, after â??The Bleeding Stomach Ulcer Fiascoâ??â?¦

And, Iâ??d created a new business. One I was really PASSIONATE about – helping guys to enjoy a better sex-lifeâ?¦

Teaching them how to â??Get Hard and Stay Hardâ??â?¦

While also showing them how to give women mind-blowing pleasure.

But, I was only just getting started.

You see, I had this idea to develop a supplement guys could take – that would give them harder, longer lasting erections, and bigger loadsâ?¦

Just like The Huge Load Formulaâ?¦

But, instead of it being a smoothie that you had to make at home – like The Huge Load Formula- this supplement would be something that took literally SECONDS to consume a dayâ?¦

To cut a long story shortâ?¦

After speaking to dozens of manufacturers about the supplement – and not being convinced about the QUALITY of product any of them could provide – I nearly gave up.

But, thank God I didnâ??t!

Because, hereâ??s what happened next:

One day, while racking my brains over who might be able to help me with the supplement – I remembered a guy called â??Elwin Robinson.â??

Now, Elwin was a â??Health Coachâ?? Iâ??d spoken to a year or so after my â??stomach ulcer incidentâ?? – when I became really interested in HEALTH.

Iâ??d paid Elwin for a few â??Coaching Callsâ?? – and paid him â??handsomelyâ?? I might add. In return, he shared his wisdom with me.

And, the more I thought about itâ?¦

The more I realised that many of the things that had really helped me achieve a high level of health and sexual performance – were actually things Elwin had taught me!

So, I dug out his email address – and sent him a vague message about creating a supplement together.

I genuinely had no idea if heâ??d even reply!

And, fast-forward nearly a year, and after several months of testing – we had our first supplement ready to bring to the market. It was called:

Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula.

A unique combination of 10 Ancient Chinese SuperHerbs – perfect for any man who wanted to SAFELY and NATURALLY, quickly and easilyâ?¦

Blow up his sexual performance. Getting harder, longer lasting erections.

We SOLD OUT of the first batch faster than we ever imaginedâ?¦

Same thing happened the next monthâ?¦

And, the month after that!

So, we got serious, stretched ourselves financially, took a bit of a riskâ?¦

And ordered more stock than most â??start up companiesâ?? could afford. While also getting the help of other â??Sex Expertsâ?? to share this product with their readers, fans and followers.

We became A Global Hitâ?¦

Or, at least, Man Tea did!

Selling tens of tens of thousands of packets, in over 100 countries worldwide, in just our first 6 months.

To be able to help so many guys recover their â??Sexual Performanceâ?? and enjoy a better sex-life was truly an honour and a privilege.

Yet, it recently made Elwin and I ask the question:

When we first started this conversation, it would have been very easy to give â??NOâ? as our answerâ?¦and just keep selling Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula.

However, we realised the truth was COMPLEX.

Now, turn off any distractions, and pay attention. Cuz here’s â??The Truth’:

Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula is awesome. Safe, natural, quick, easyâ?¦

And, it gives men harder, longer lasting erections.

You just add a couple teaspoons of the SuperHerb Powder to warm water, give it a stir, and drink it. Daily.

Probably 30 seconds of â??effortâ?? a day – for massively increased sexual performance.

Clearly a great product. PROVEN by the fact that many guys invest in a fresh packet of Man Tea every month – because they donâ??t wanna be without it in their system for even a day.

And, doubly PROVEN by the amount of testimonials we receive from guys – sharing their own â??Limp Dickâ?? to â??Power Prickâ?? stories with us!

However, the honest truth isâ?¦

I get just as many testimonials for The Huge Load Formula, as Elwin and I do for Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula.

What is The Huge Load Formula?

The Huge Load Formula is a smoothie.

So, it requires a little more effort than Man Teaâ?¦ because you have to chuck all the ingredients in a blender, and whizz it up, before you can drink it.

However, itâ??s still safe, natural, quick and easy. Taking the average guy about 2-3 minutes to prepareâ?¦

A pretty small â??time investmentâ?? for reliable, rock-hard erections, and better staying power, huh?

One, an herbal Tea made up of nothing but Ancient Chinese SuperHerbs.

The other, a powerful smoothie – giving guys high quality protein, healthy, testosterone-building fats, and carefully selected carbs. Plusâ?¦ some secret â??erection boosting ingredientsâ?? to really supercharge your results.

â??Could they be combined?â?

Thatâ??s the question Elwin and I asked ourselves.

And, after some thought – â??YESâ? was the answer!

If we combined them – the â??Erection Boosting RESULTSâ?? would be HUGE. Like, off-the-charts.

So, the next thing Elwin did was sit down and take a look at my Huge Load Formula recipe. And, his response was both HONEST and BLUNT:

â??Adam, itâ??s a great formula – and I can see why itâ??s helps male sexual performance. But, I can make it even betterâ?

I challenged him to do exactly that!

And, over the course of the next few weeks he played around with the recipeâ?¦ testing it on himself, and several of his friends.

I did the same – drinking one serving of this new, great tasting, and incredibly powerful smoothie, every day. While also sharing it with some of my best friends and clients.

Without a doubt, the most powerful male sexual performance enhancement product Elwin and I have ever created. And, possibly the most powerful product of itâ??s type the world has ever seen.

â??The Secret to Rock-Hard, Long Lasting Erections & Truly HUGE Loads!â?

The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition is the real dealâ?¦

Itâ??ll help you enjoy the highest level of sexual performance youâ??ve ever experienced in your life. And, itâ??ll help you do it anytime you like.

No pills, no drugs, no weird creams or lotions.

Just a great tasting smoothie, thatâ??ll take you 2-3 minutes to make, that can give you 5 massive benefits:

The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition has the power to change your sex-life forever. By arming you with erections so powerfulâ?¦

You can make any woman hopelessly addicted to you in bed. The very first time you â??get it onâ?? with her.

Now, before you get too excited, I wanna let you know a few other important points about The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition:

Firstly, thatâ??s itâ??s 100% SAFE and NATURAL.

All the ingredients in The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition are designed to improve your overall health, as well as your sexual performance.

The same cannot be said of many products that are designed to give men harder erections. In fact, many of these product – particularly â??Dick Pillsâ?? – can have nasty side-effects, and can create other health problems.

Secondly, that it tastes great.

You might wonder whether Iâ??m just saying that. Or, whether The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition really does taste great?

It really REALLY tastes great. Better, in fact, than any smoothie (or milkshake) youâ??ve likely ever had before.

To prove my point, consider this:

Elwin and I spent a full 6 weeks working on just the TASTE of the smoothie. Once we nailed The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition ingredients – and we knew it helped men achieve erections their women would label as:

â??Being on Steroidsâ?â?¦

We focused heavily on the TASTE!

Cuz we know youâ??ll only drink something day in, day out, if it tastes really good!!!

Thirdly, it can give you a whole host of other health benefits. Including these fantastic 7:

There are several ingredients in The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition that can BLOW UP your energy levels. Helping you feel less tired, and causing you to get more done.

I get up about 2 hours earlier than most people – at 5.40am every day. And, I enjoy high levels of energy throughout the day.

No mid-afternoon â??Energy Crashes.â?? And no reliance on Sugar, Coffee, Caffeine or other â??stimulantsâ?? to give me FAKE energy.

The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition can help you those weight in 2 key ways:

â??Huge Load Formula: Ultimate can help you lose fat, and gain muscle and strength!â?

Iâ??ve been running an experiment for a little while nowâ?¦

About 30 minutes after my morning workout, I drink my serving of The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Editionâ?¦

Been doing this for about 8 weeks now.

My body-fat is visibly lower. Yet, my bodyweight on the scale hasnâ??t changedâ?¦

Meaning Iâ??ve clearly LOST FAT. And GAINED MUSCLE.

There are several ingredients in The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition that can help you to de-stressâ?¦

Feeling more relaxed, and calm. And less anxious, frustrated and angry.

All of this tends to lead to better sleep. If youâ??re  anything like me – youâ??ll fall asleep easier. And stay asleep throughout the nightâ?¦

Meaning youâ??ll get a higher quality of sleep, and youâ??ll therefore need less of it!

Of course, better sleep also helps your ENERGY LEVELS too.

Many of the all-natural ingredients in The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition are powerful boosters of your immune system.

In simple terms – a stronger immune system means youâ??ll get sick less often.

Itâ??s like I said earlierâ?¦ sure, The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition will give you boners so HARD youâ??ll make your womanâ??s girlfriendâ??s jealous-as-hellâ?¦

But, itâ??s more than just a sexual tonicâ?¦

Itâ??s also great for improving overall HEALTH. And, since without your health – you really have NOTHINGâ?¦ that has to be a good thing!

A very good thing indeed.

More concentration, better memory, improved focus. All things youâ??ll likely notice when you drink a serving of the delicious Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition dailyâ?¦

If you run your own business, or work on a â??commission basisâ?? – that increased BRAIN POWERâ?¦ and improved PRODUCTIVITY – could literally be worth a fortune to you!

And, even if you just do a regular jobâ?¦

Wouldn’t it be nice to just be A LOT â??sharperâ?? mentally?

Youâ??ll find out what itâ??s like to be â??Mentally Sharpâ?? when you drink the formula 🙂

Of course, The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition can help to boost your testosterone levels. Itâ??s one of the reasons why itâ??ll help you to get boners as hard as a baseball batâ?¦

And enjoy a much higher libido.

But, did you know that improved testosterone can also give you:

There are many reasons why The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition is different – and better – to the other options you have if you want to improve your sexual performanceâ?¦

Here are 5 of the most important:

â??You Donâ??t Need Pills to Get Hard!â?

Several years back, when â??Dick Pillsâ?? came on the market – MILLIONS of guys started taking them.

Cuz the idea of â??popping a pillâ?? – and getting a HARD-ON – was just too tough to resist

After all – getting a raging boner, for just the effort it takes to â??Pop a Pill,â?? does seem like a good deal.

These days, many guys are getting SMARTER, and WISER, when it comes to â??Dick Pills,â?? realising:

The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition has NONE of the problems that â??Dick Pillsâ?? haveâ?¦

No confidence issuesâ?¦

I know I just explained that The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition doesnâ??t have the â??side effectsâ?? Dick Pills can have.

But, itâ??s worth noting that many NATURAL products are NOT SAFE!!!

For instance, any â??Erection Boosterâ?? with Yohimbe in it, is a disaster waiting to happen.

You see, while â??Yohimbeâ?? is natural – it ainâ??t SAFE. Causing many men to feel extremely SICK and TIRED when they take it.

Yet, Yohimbe is in many products that give guys better erections. Because it certainly can do that.

Even if theyâ??re natural.

Even if they boost sexual performance.

We spent A TON of time creating a safe, natural formula – that tastes delicious – and can help you achieve boners thatâ??d put an 18 year old version of yourself to shame!

â??Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Can Help You to Feel Awesome!â?

When you drink The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition – youâ??ll like notice that you have:

More energy, less body-fat, more muscle and strength, increased confidence, better testosterone levels, lower stress levelsâ?¦

And a whole host of other benefits – including a stronger immune system!

What other â??Erection Boostingâ?? product can give you all that?

The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition is in a league of ONE!

I want to give you a quick insight into how the supplement business worksâ?¦

95% of companies don’t give a shit about the QUALITY of their product. Theyâ??re just MARKETERS.

They go to a factory, buy the cheapest product they can, and stick their own label on it. Thatâ??s how it works.

Itâ??s UGLY, but I figured you deserve to know.

Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition is different. Elwin and I spent MONTHS creating the recipe, and finding the best sources for all the ingredientsâ?¦

So you can spend a couple minutes a day making yourself a serving – and, as a result – experiencing rock-hard erections every night.

We could have just stuck a fancy label on some cheap, nasty supplement and sold it for a handsome profit.

Instead, weâ??ve created what we think is the best male enhancement product on the planet.

And, once you use it – our hope is youâ??ll consider us to be your friends. And, youâ??ll remain our loyal customer for years to come.

Howâ??s that for HONEST?

In a sea of liars, and bullshitters, we felt youâ??d like a little honesty!

â??THIS is The Key to Getting Hard and Staying Hard Whenever You Like!â?

Sure, The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition ainâ??t as easy as popping a pill!

It will take you 2-3 minutes of â??effortâ?? a day.

But, to be quite honestâ?¦

If youâ??re not prepared to spend 2-3 minutes a day, preparing a simple, yet incredibly powerful smoothie that can revolutionise your sexual performance – and greatly improve your healthâ?¦

Then, youâ??re probably beyond hope. And weak, short lived erections – and embarrassing â??Erectile Dysfunctionâ?? – is probably just something youâ??ll have to get used to living with.

However. My hope is that youâ??re a man of ACTIONâ?¦

And that youâ??re gonna â??Step Up,â?? take action, and enjoy the powerful smoothie once a day.

2-3 minutes of â??effortâ?? – preparing a great tasting, safe, natural smoothie that can sky-rocket your sexual performanceâ?¦ sure seems like a good return on investmentâ?¦

If you can get a Rock-Hard Erection – any time, any time place – and you never, ever, have any issues â??Getting It Upâ??â?¦

You might not need The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition.

If you can already last 30, 45, 60 minutes or more in bed – and you feel you have TOTAL CONTROL over when you ejaculate (and, you always give your woman at least 7 orgasms during intercourse when you ‘get it on’ with her)â?¦

If you already have a ferocious sex-drive, and shoot â??loadsâ?? big enough to PLASTER your woman, and cause her to SCREAM and MOAN in delightâ?¦

Yet the reality is thisâ?¦

If youâ??ve ever experienced ONE of the following problems – you should strongly consider getting a copy of The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition today.

And, if youâ??ve ever experienced MORE THAN ONE of the following problemsâ?¦ problems that tend to get worse overtime, and donâ??t â??fix themselvesâ?? – then itâ??s incredibly important you invest in a copy of The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition immediately, right now, today:

The choice is yours. Only YOU can decide whether or not The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition is right for you.

If youâ??re already a Super Stud – with a tireless erection, and enough sexual stamina to blow the mind of even the most â??hard-to-pleaseâ?? woman in bedâ?¦

However. If thatâ??s not the caseâ?¦

If you worry about â??Getting Hardâ??â?¦

If you canâ??t â??Stay Hardâ?? long enough to blow your womanâ??s mindâ?¦

If you shoot teeny-tiny loadsâ?¦

If you feel inadequate when you watch pornâ?¦

If you know your libido isnâ??t as strong as it used to beâ?¦

Then, hey. Letâ??s get realâ?¦

If thatâ??s the case… The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition can transform your fortunes in the bedroom. You just gotta reach out, grab a copy today – and drink the smoothie.

Since youâ??ve ready this far – Iâ??m gonna assume youâ??re serious about getting HARDER erections, LASTING LONGER in bedâ?¦

And, blowing BIGGER loads.

If Iâ??m correct – great.

If Iâ??m wrong? Well, if Iâ??m wrong – I guess you might as well STOP reading this letter now!

Letâ??s get down to business.

I realise that right now, youâ??re probably pretty keen to get your hands on a copy of The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition.

And, I canâ??t say I blame you.

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A one-of-a-kind smoothie recipe. That can give you:

Itâ??s SAFE and NATURAL.

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You can, but I wouldnâ??t recommend it.

You see, â??Dick Pillsâ?? have several major problems. Hereâ??s just a few of them:

They can be expensive – especially if you have sex often

Ultimately, my thinking is this:

Why waste your money on pills – and risk side-effects – when you can take The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition and get Rock-Hard bonersâ?¦

The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition is made up of some of the Planetâ??s most powerful SuperFoods and SuperHerbs – combined in very specific quantities, to create an incredibly powerful â??Erection Boosting Smoothie.â??

SuperFoods and SuperHerbs are foods that contain much more NUTRITION per calorie than regular foods.

The result being that you get A TON of nutrients – vitamins, minerals and enzymes – into your systemâ?¦

And you improve your health, energy and vitality.

The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition contains high quality protein, carefully selected carbohydrates – and plenty of healthy fatsâ?¦

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â??Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Can Help You Get Hard, and Have Great Sex. At ANY Age!â?

For some guys – they notice positive effects, after just 1 serving.

For most guys, it takes 3-5 days.

The important thing is to drink the smoothie regularly – preferably once a day. Do that, and the results will comeâ?¦

Meaning that sooner or later, youâ??ll get HARDERâ?¦

Youâ??ll stay hard for LONGERâ?¦

And, youâ??ll blow BIGGER loads.

If youâ??re absolutely USELESS in the kitchen – it might take you 5 minutes to make.

But, it takes most guys 2-3 minutes.

So, itâ??s really quick and easy.

Just chuck all the ingredients in a blender, whizz it up. And drink it down.

Then prepare to feel ALIVE.

Many â??Naturalâ?? Supplements for â??Male Sexual Performanceâ?? contain harmful ingredients.

Yohimbe is one such ingredient.

Sure, it can help you get HARD. But, it can also make you as sick as a dog. Yet people still sell it.

L-Arginine is another exampleâ?¦

Yes, it can help improve erection hardnessâ?¦ but it can also greatly increase your chances of a HERPES outbreak!

When you drink The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition – you can rest assured you are putting the very best, totally safe, ingredients in your body.

Heck, last week on Wednesday, I was drinking mine, after my morning workout – and my 2 year old daughter asked:

â??Daddy, can I have some of your smoothieâ?

â??Sure you can darlingâ?

Thatâ??s the ultimate test, right?

Would I give it to my kids?

The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition is a special report. And, itâ??ll be available for you to download, and read, as soon as your payment has been accepted.

To read the pdf special report, all you need is Adobe Acrobat (which is FREE to download if you donâ??t have it).

You can read the pdf on your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smart Phone.

Thatâ??s like asking if you should eat Salads, or drink Water, forever!

The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition is a great-tasting, super-smoothie, made up of the best SuperFoods, and SuperHerbs on the planet.

The more consistently you drink it, and the longer you drink it for – the better your results will be.

My recommendation is to do exactly the same as me:

Drink 1 serving of The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition each day. Either in place of another meal, as a post-workout drink, or – if youâ??re a real big eater – as dessert after a meal.

Of course, you can still get good results drinking it 3-4 times a week.

But, for the the best results – and the HARDEST, longest lasting erections – drink it daily.

Because The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition is a powerful tonic for overall health – itâ??s not just a â??Sex Thing.â??

For instance. When you drink The Huge Load Formula: Ultimate Edition, you can expect some, or all, of the following addition benefits:

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