Jagung Bakar Kota Merudu

Jagung Bakar is what we called a BBQ Corn in english. Talking about this when last time I went to Kota Merudu, I manage to stop in a place along the way which sell this stuff.

BBQ Corn Kota Merudu

Looking from its outside appearence, everyone might have know that this is a BBQ corn and the taste will be quite different compare to the one that we steam or boil. The smell if being burn makes the corn become more delicious.


As the corn is not put in any liquid such as water when boiling it, the taste of the corn itself was preserved and making your saliva runs fast. By that time I eat this, it is really delicious and better compared to the one we used to buy in Daily Fresh or any stall selling corn.

If you get a chance to see it anywhere, I suggest you to try this food. You’ll learn it’s sweetness and deliciousness when you try it your self.

6 Replies to “Jagung Bakar Kota Merudu”

  1. Ya..Sedap Bah nie.. eh DA.. for some reason xbleh masuk ko punya blog..anything happen ka? ko dah tukar alamat?

  2. SJB: hehe..You can speak malay?? wonderful.. it sure delicious la.. later u came to sabah then tell all the bloggers friend spend you eat this jagung bakar la..

    Welzan: Ya..KM memang famous ngan ni jagung..Sedap ni..Ish ish..teepun..

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