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Product Name: Knowledge Health Weight Loss

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Lose 40 Lbs & Keep It Off 32 Years

Safe and Permanent Weight Loss While You Transition to a Healthy Vegetarian Sugar-Free Organic Diet.

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Just wanted you to know that I appreciate all the helpful tips you
send from time to time. Thank you again and keep doing the best you can
to ‘save lives.’

Nathalee Dixon
Kingston, Jamaica

Really enjoy the newsletter. Find it very informing so thank
you. Gave up drinking milk last year after reading your article!
Feel much healthier as a result.

Wendy Goodwin

I appreciate the information. I learned this, not in the same depth, 15 years ago and needed to be reminded how detrimental this is. Knowledge is power.

Lee Ketcham
Cincinnati, Ohio

“I love this diet because it takes so little time to prepare.”

Referring to episodes of hypoglycemia:

“I really like this diet because I do believe the episodes of hypoglycemia are caused by the lo-carb approach, which is wrong for me.”

From a latter letter:
“…and the drastic cut-down on sweets, and the diet (I would say I practice most of the time) must be helping……because I am not usually hungry, and have had NO episodes of hypoglycemia …”

Diane Newman R.N. B.S.N. Hamilton, Ohio

The Mericle Diet and Me

I have been reading about diet and health since 1986, but The MericleDiet has definitely helped me the most.
After following Dr. Mericle’s suggestions for over 15 months, I can truthfully say I will never stray from his
program. One of the unseen benefits has been the reduction of blood pressure medicine I take. Although
I have never been a big consumer of sugar, I now consume even less since I now
understand the importance of keeping your insulin levels low. I am now able to keep my blood pressure at an optimal
level with half the medication of my pre-MericleDiet days. And, the ease of this program! I always have
something yummy and ready to eat! For the first time in my adult life I no longer suffer, and I do
mean suffer, from the yo-yo syndrome!

This is absolutely the best program for me and my family…

Kay McIlroy

Colorado Springs

Hi Doctor , I congratulate you on your mailings , lately about sugars , for sure I will reduce mine and kids use and abuse of sugars , , please can you explain about real honey and I mean real one , We buy directly from a producer that got plenty of beehives . Thanks very much and keep up with the good work.


I had the best dinner tonight, I
sauteed some onions and fresh garlic in my wok, then put it on the side then
sauteed a red bell pepper, tofu, and broccoli, ( put that on the side) then
took some cooked brown rice and fried it up adding water and soy sauce, then
added it all together, then made a fresh salad with red onions, spinach
leaves,romaine lettuce. That was the best meal I’ve had in sooooooo long!!!!! mcdonalds
( or any restaurant , for that matter)couldn’t touch that meal !!!!! Thanks Yolanda

From another letter:

The best part of this diet is that
when I’m finished eating I don’t feel guilty, and I don’t feel blah, I feel
good, nooo I feel GREAT !!!!! for lunch I had potatoes( the way you said to cook
them ) and some corn tortillas. Thanks Yolanda

Yolanda Highsmith
Sulphur, Louisiana

I have lived with this diet now for over thirty-eight years. It has controlled my adult onset diabetes mellitus and its associated heart disease and retinal disease. My meals are better than ever now and I enjoy my food as much as anyone and don’t limit how much I eat. I haven’t worried about my weight since sometime in May 1977.

Enjoy Safe and Permanent Weight Loss While You Reduce Your Risk for Disease. The MericleDiet is the Easy Transition to a Healthy Vegetarian Sugar-Free 100% Organic Diet.

This diet is the ONLY Diet Today that Makes it easy to be 100% Sugar-Free

and 100% Organic. Nothing slows your Immune System like Sugar and Nothing

Cripples your Immune System like the Pesticides, Hormones and Antibiotics

used in commercial food production.

This is the Only Diet that is 100% Meat, Dairy and Sugar FREE!


association between meat ingestion and demonstrable coronary artery

disease has been known for years. Restricting all forms of animal protein

and sugar will help to keep your “coronary arteries and arterioles clean

and compliant.”

By completely avoiding the Causes (Meat and Dairy) of Atherosclerotic

Plaque Buildup in the Carotid Bifurcation you significantly reduce your

risk for Stroke!

Adult Onset Diabetes Mellitus (a polite and confusing term for Sugar Toxicity) is now epidemic. The prediction that 10% of teenagers will get this slowly crippling and killing disease by age twenty, is not surprising in this day where sugar consumption is also epidemic and at record levels. This is the only diet that makes it easy to transition away from sugar all together. Believe me, I know, I have adult onset diabetes mellitus and have controlled it with the 100% Sugar-Free MericleDiet for the past twelve years.

That the continued consumption of meat and diary in this country is the

Cause of the Epidemic of Osteoporosis isn’t even a subject of debate. This

information has been known for over twenty-five years. The MericleDiet makes

the transition away from meat and dairy easier than you would ever believe.

Believe me, we don’t suffer on this diet.

I think we all have felt this way and asked many of these same questions.

This physician certainly has.

At 34 years old I was in my fourth year of Diagnostic Radiology training and had a

physical exam for a life insurance policy. For the first time in my life my

blood pressure was elevated to borderline abnormal at 140/90 up from 118/78. I was weighing

a “robust” 175 pounds on a 5’6″ frame and my waist had burgeoned from 32 inches

to 37 inches. I had already had my first angina at age 30.

I didn’t feel very good and was starting to have headaches probably related

to the elevated blood pressure. I would eat large meals and still be hungry.

I would get hypoglycemic usually about two in the afternoon and usually

eat something sweet. Actually I found it difficult to feel good when I

was that overweight. As I look back now I recognize the early signs of adult

onset diabetes mellitus. I also knew that I was not going have the usual

diagnostic barrage of studies for hypertension that I as a resident was

administering to patients routinely.

Dr. Haber was one of the younger staff in the Department of Radiology.

He had just started running and had stopped eating most meat and dairy

products. Realizing even then that I was destined for some not so

pleasant days ahead if I did not change my lifestyle, I started running

and stopped eating meat and dairy. One early afternoon around three pm

I was walking out to go for a run when Dr. Haber asked where I was going.

Expecting the worst like get back in the department you lowly resident

Dr. Haber surprised me. He said, “John, that is the most important thing

you can do for yourself right now.” The rest is history and I am in

the 37th year of my daily running streak -four miles or thirty minutes every day,

not to mention 29 Marathons (PR 2:45) and three Hawaii Ironman Competitions.

I would often find myself thinking over these years that I had “pretty

much” figured out most things relating to diet and health. Then I would

be faced with yet another problem relating either to my health or the health of some

member of my family. I would then have to further refine my diet. In

fact I learned very quickly that I will never know all there is to know

about the relationship between diet and health. In January 1995 my ex-wife

finds a mass in her left breast that by ultrasound is malignant. She had

continued to eat a fair amount of cheese, much the same as Linda McCartney.

Just when I thought everything was right, in July 1997, I find adult onset

diabetes in myself and realize that my sugar ingestion (for me it was Pepsi)

is severely damaging my vascular system.

Why wait until you have demonstrated proof of disease in yourself.

Why wait until you are overweight and hypertensive. The MericleDiet

is the product of 29 plus years of the

school of hard disease knocks. This food preparation system can help keep you

stay clear of these disasters and will give you a base to start

developing your own refinements and additions to this system of health.

By purchasing the MericleDiet you will

be kept current of any new developments or refinements in the future.

We also encourage all who purchase the diets to email us with any

refinements, suggestions or additions of their own so that we all

can learn from each other.

The MericleDiet allows you to lose weight safely, permanently

and without hunger while you reduce your chances for coronary artery disease,

cancer and stroke.

By preparing basic food groups in quantity sufficient for a week you can

feed yourself and your family a great tasting and healthy organic whole food

diet -on short notice. If you and your family only eat one meal a day from this diet it

will begin to fine tune your body. You will find that your cravings for

what is not good for you like sugar, meat and dairy will gradually diminish.

You will feel better and look better while you lose weight. You will not have to

starve yourself and will eat as much as you like of healthy foods.

You will not have to worry about your weight. If you start to put on a few

pounds you will know it immediately and just decrease your food consumption

and cut back on eating anything that is not so good for you. This diet is

so powerful that as long as you get one good meal a day, you will be able

to have that occasional dietary indiscretion that we all do.

By doing all of your “prep” cooking and food preparation on Sunday you

reduce the amount of time you have to spend preparing tasty Whole Food

meals during the week.

With a well stocked refrigerator full of basic Whole Food foods you will never

have to worry about what to cook for yourself or your family. Take out

several short-term preserved foods and combine in any fashion you like.

Voila … a great tasting, healthy Whole Food meal.

As is currently being proven some of the latest diet fads actually

increase your risk for coronary disease, cancer, stroke and osteoporosis.

The MericleDiet will reduce your risk for all these diseases and

also will increase your energy and general feeling of well being.

Even though we recommend organic foods your overall cost of eating

on this diet will decrease considerably since you will not be eating

a lot of expensive processed and packaged food items.

You don’t have to exercise on this diet. While we do recommend that you

exercise -it is not to lose weight. Exercise is good for the immune system

and your mental well being but is not an integral part of this

weight loss program.

You won’t have to worry about your weight all the time. You will look

good and feel good. There are too many other concerns in this life

to worry about your weight.

By learning the basic cooking principles in the MericleDiet you leave behind

the confining world of recipes mostly based around meat and dairy. You will never

eat exactly the same meal twice and your meal preparation becomes an wondrous

exercise in creative cooking, depending on what is short term stored in your


Mexican food is not difficult

to prepare and once you learn to make good beans and get good tortillas you can eat

some very tasty Mexican dishes that are made with organic beans and organic tortillas.

Commercially grown food today is at least nearly if not completely nutritionally bereft.

Besides being nutritionally bereft most if not all of it is loaded with either pesticides

or sugar or both.

Warm or cold whole grain brown

rice makes a nice

addition to any salad.

This is a very serious question.

Another great question. While you are healthy and actually perceive no

real health problems, you may not care. However, there comes a time

in most people’s lives where they are faced with serious health problems

that can significantly compromise their quality of life. The MericleDiet is

not as much about life and death as it is about “Quality of Life.”

Putting your ego aside can be tough but when your health and quality of

life hang in the balance most intelligent people will in time do

all they can to be as healthy as they can. The MericleDiet is a very

“clear” path to improving your health as much as you can through

simple dietary manipulation.

Demonstration of the relationship between malnourishment and obesity.

You eat incomplete foods. You body is hungry as soon as your stomach empties.

You eat more incomplete foods trying to satisfy this hunger. This hunger cannot

be satisfied with incomplete foods so you continue eating more incomplete

foods. Never satisfied and always hungry you end up overweight with

high insulin levels all day and usually all night long. Before long

you are really overweight and sick. Your quality of life plummets.

This woman is starving and overweight because:

If you are not completely satisfied you can obtain a full refund of the purchase price, no questions asked for 60 days following the date of your purchase.

Click here to get Knowledge Health Weight Loss at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Knowledge Health Weight Loss is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.