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Product Name: Anger Management Techniques Audio Download


The anger’s out of control, but you don’t know how to stop it. I do, and I can show you how to control your own anger or help your loved ones control their anger.

I’ve helped thousands learn to control their anger over the past 40+ years. Find out how I can help you…or jump down the page to order now.

They were sitting there vibrating with anger…

I was doing group therapy with folks dealing with depression, divorce and abusive relationships, and something really started getting my attention. These good people were filled with all kinds of emotion–anger, fear and pain, and they were getting no help for these problems…

except medication and talk therapy–which wasn’t working.

So, I decided to find a better way to help these good people, who were basically just like you and me.

Over the years, I came up with some anger management techniques that really work. Now, because you landed on this page, you’re going to find out what they are.

Logic just doesn’t work to deal with anger….

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