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Dream Interpretation as a Science and Craziness Prevention

You’ll see practical examples of dream interpretation in action and how accurately translating your dreams, using the scientific method of dream interpretation, really helps you successfully solve all the problems in your life.

I make it easy for you to learn how to translate your own dreams, as well as other people’s dreams, and become a professional dream translator like me. You may even become a better dream translator than me, after learning everything I know, if you are more talented than me.

There is no chance that you won’t be able to learn the language of dreams, and how to translate dreams after you read Dream Interpretation as a Science. This eBook shows you the meaning of dream symbols and how the unconscious mind that produces them cures your mental and emotional problems.

In Craziness Prevention you get a glossary of the meanings of the most important dream symbols and a summary of the gigantic body of work by Carl…

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