Clear Congruent Communication

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Product Name: Clear Congruent Communication


Let me run a couple of scenarios by you and letâ??s see if they sound familiar. You are in a meeting with your boss, your bossesâ?? boss and your team members. You have been tasked with a cool project, one that you know you can absolutely kill and take next level, one you have been waiting years to be assigned. Then thereâ??s that moment when youâ??re asked to present your ideas. And you go COMPLETELY BLANK! The room goes silent and chills run up and down your spine. People are staring at you and you are LOST. You feel incompetent and start speaking gibberish. And there goes your big chance. Thatâ??s one use case. How about all the times you were asked to put your personal matters and dreams on hold and instead of saying â??NOâ? you gave in putting yourself on the backburner. STOP THESE STORIES! I had similar experiences until I discovered that self-sabotage was totally avoidable. You are closer than ever to discovering the ONE SECRET to effective…

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