Everyday Manifesting - Manifesting Your Desires!

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Product Name: Everyday Manifesting – Manifesting Your Desires!



Understand Manifesting! Be the conscious creator of your life and joyfully manifest the things you desire!

“Apryl’s Consciously Creating book combines two topics I hold dear to my
heart, joy and manifesting. She writes in such a poetic style, with stories
and examples, yet the true practical principles shine forth and do what
every good book should – it enriches my life.

She reveals that we are joy-seeking beings, and then tells the reader how to
go about this in a conscious way. By reading this book you will understand
about the blueprints we create with our thoughts. These templates or
patterns then attract the physical matter and create our life.

Experience the benefits of Everyday Manifesting!”
Christopher Westra
Author and Developer -…

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