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That’s me up there. It was not that long ago I was sitting at my computer looking for a way to lose weight â?¦and fast. There MUST be something I could do. A diet? A magic pill? A work out? I was desperate for something that would work.

It was January and I was on a road trip with my mom and sister to celebrate my momâ??s 60th birthday. Iâ??d always had a secret sisterly competition going on â?? you know the one â?? where you want to look as good as (oh who am I kidding?) look better  than your sibling is more like it.

I was wearing a pair of go-to â??fat jeansâ? that I actually thought made me look slimmer. Well, I squeezed them on but I couldnâ??t even button them so I wore a long shirt to cover the top of the jeans. I will always remember driving down the road in my unbuttoned extremely tight jeans â?? that secret sisterly competition turning into a feeling of secret depression and embarrassment.

It was suppose to be a special weekend. Every…

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