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Catherine Ebeling, RN BSN (soon to be MSN/MPH)Hi, I’m Cat Ebeling. I am a Diet, Health, and Environmental Activist. I am an author of 6 books, and am working on my Masters in Nursing and in Public Health. I care about YOU and want you to have your best, healthiest life! To that end, I have studied diets, nutrition and food allergies for the past 30 years! I wasn’t always the picture of health- I suffer from a multiple food allergies, and had rashes, weight gain, brain fog, anxiety/depression, acne, arthritis, and digestive issues. Now I have the answers, and my health and energy are better than ever–and yours can be too!Read more about Cat here.P.S. I have three grown kids, am in my 50’s, and if I can do this, you can too!

Best-selling books by Nutrition Expert, Cat Ebeling RN BSN

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