How to Avoid the Ten (10) BIGGEST Divorce Mistakes

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Product Name: How to Avoid the Ten (10) BIGGEST Divorce Mistakes


My name is Dr. Reena Sommer. I am a divorce consultant and coach and I work exclusively with
divorcing people, couples and families. My 20 years of experience in this area comes from working with
clients from all parts of the U.S., Canada and even as far away as Europe, India and Australia.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed
many of the challenges that people face when they divorce. These challenges can cause considerable heartache,
hardship and expense. However, many of these divorce related difficulties can be avoided – if clients avail themselves
ahead of time of
the proper information about the divorcing process.

The reality for most people getting divorced is that it is their first – and hopefully –
only experience of this kind. However, this lack of experience leaves
them quite naive and under-informed about what the divorce process is really all about.
A lack of appropriate information leaves people vulnerable to many divorce…

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