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Product Name: Info Marketing 101


From: Jason Brubaker and David Hamilton

RE: How to start your info product business

Dear Info Marketing Rookie,

Look around and you’ll see writers, consultants, business owners, coaches and professional public speakers selling “how-to” knowledge online. And if you’re like most, you probably see ways your own experience would make a great “how-to” product, but you aren’t sure where to start.

You’re not alone. Back when we started selling info products online, we felt overwhelmed. I mean, how do you format an eBook? Set up a website? Collect email addresses? Take credit cards? Deliver products? And how do you make it so your online business runs automatically while you sleep?

My name is Jason Brubaker and together with info marketing veteran Dave Hamilton, we created an easy to follow, step-by-step system so you can take action and sell your knowledge online.

Info Marketing 101 is your easy to follow action plan so you can discover how to share and sell your knowledge online. When you…

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