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One of the best CEOs I ever worked with told me this once; â??The higher up you go, the less you know what is really going on in your organization.â?  It stopped me in my tracks.  I bet it did the same to you, too. 

The all too common leadership mistake is to presume that because of your position that you know things.  Every step up the ladder is a step further away from the actual day-to-day work of the organization.  Leaders MUST stay connected to it. 

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But, you canâ??t effectively stay connected in person.  The higher up you are the less possible it is to stay personally connected to all that you are ultimately responsible for leading.  You must stay connected to the people THROUGH the people. 

Meaning that you must master the art of tapping into the wisdom and experience of people around you to provide you with the pulse of your organization. 

That is what this book is about â?? tapping into the…

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