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Product Name: MyQue™


Unique short and long term filling system with Drag n’ Drop File Management.

With our Goal Worksheet you can
setup goals and Track your progress

Quickly setup and manage scrolling
banners for reminders, goals and

Easily copy text and pictures and
interactive site links to files when
searching the internet.

Brainstorm your ideas and create outlines you can easily interact with.

Included is a complete set of Utilities
to increase functionality and Help
screens to guide you every step of
the way.

MyQue™ is where you can Effectively Interact with all your ideas
& goals and bring them to life! Utilizing our easy to navigate file and folder process, you can associate ALL files, folders, text, URL
links and so much more to any subject.

Imagine the possibilities with the ability to work from a single location by integrating files,
folders, goals and timelines so you can easily create a master plan on any subject. MyQue™ is…

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