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Product Name: Pitchers Arm Care – Rockland Peak Performance


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When you work with as many pitchers as we do, you hear the same complaints day in and day out. Things like “my shoulder hurts right here” or “my elbow hurts when I try to straighten my arm”.

Let’s face it, everyone wants to throw hard, but we have to make sure we’re going about it the best and safest way possible. Thus, learning the correct way to take care of your arm, shoulder and body as a pitcher should be a top priority, not only during the season but year-round as well.

Pitchers Arm Care E-book is nearly 70 pages in length and comes with 40 instructional videos that will show you many of the steps that our high school, college and pro players go through to take care of their arm. Remember, the arm can lose up to 10 degrees of internal rotation after even just one outing, so arm care should be a part of every pitchers mindset and protocol all year long.

What does the book cover?

Let’s face it good arm care is basically full body care.  This…

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